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Sun Photo Contest

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Enter our annual Sun Photo Contest. You can submit photos any time of the year. We award prizes at the end of every SUMMER!


Select the "Sun Photo Contest" category.

Your photo can capture sunlight on dappled leaves, a beautiful sunset, the start of a glorious day, or anything that says Sun to you. After all, The Old Farmer's Almanac covers "Everything under the Sun, including the Moon!" The judging criteria: creativity and originality, not expertise in photography.

For examples and inspiration, see all of the submitted photos in the Almanac's Sun Photo Contest Ecard Gallery.


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Terms & Conditions

This site is for amateur photographers. All photos submitted to this Web site become the property of Yankee Publishing Inc., which may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use the material for any purpose, in any form, and on any media. In submitting this photo you agree that its content does not infringe copyrights or other property rights of any party. You also agree that the photo you are submitting is your own.

Winning Photos

Summer 2013
Eugene Allwine
Titled, "Sunrise"

Don Loken
Titled, "Kansas Sunset."
"Sun ducking under a cloud near Kansas/Colorado border."

Joseph Edwards
Titled, "Backlit Flag"
The beautiful Stars and Stripes backlit by the sun.

american flag backlit by the sun

Dorothy May
Titled, "Serendipity at Sunset."
The serendipity of a seagull crossing the sun during vibrant sunrise over Lake Superior.

sunrise with seagull crossing sun


Carol Brown
Titled, "Last Minutes of the Day."

Pink sunset on beach with dog

Jen Anderson
Titled, "Key West Sunset Cruise." A sunset view from a catamaran. Ahhh! 

Key West Sunset Sailing Cruise from Catamaran


Kat Szmit
Titled, "Sunrise on Spofford Lake." An October sunrise lights up the sky and the water. Click to send ecard!

Sunrise on lake with fog


Cathy Leite
Titled, "Sunset Over the Lake" Click to send ecard!

Sunset over lake


Kate Stinnett
Titled "Crepuscular Sun Rays." Click to send ecard!

Crepuscular Sun Rays


Jessica Crawford Click to send ecard!
Titled "Dandelion Wishes." A subtle photo, we were caught by the way the glowing sunset backlit the dandelion's white seed head.

Dandelion Sun Picture

Sarah Lomas Click to send ecard!
Photo taken at Palisades Park in Santa Monica, CA

Sue Hammye Click to send ecard!

Sun and lighthouse

JGustafson Send ecard!
We loved the imagination employed in this photo—with the rays on the hosta shoots and dewy grass.

Sun rays on hosta shoots


Bernadette McGeney Smith  Send ecard!

Sunset on the beach

Peggy Stenglein
We were struck by the way the morning Sun shines through these jars. What an original way to see the Sun! Send ecard!

Sunlight through Ball Jars

Granny Mary
Simple but breathtaking, we were taken by Granny Mary's "office view" in Sheridan, Oregon. Send ecard!

Pink sunset and clouds

Patricia Abbate
Titled, "Peaceful Sunset: Sun sets on the bay, Hull, MA." Nature's own masterpiece. Send ecard!

Sunset of dock

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I uploaded two photos for the

By Kawayomaana

I uploaded two photos for the sun contest last night. I have gone through the album twice and am not seeing either one. Did I do something wrong in the upload? Or, does it take a while to show up

Hi Debbie, We found your

By Almanac Staff

Hi Debbie, We found your photo: 


It was just loaded to a different category, so we adjusted the category to "Sun Photo Contest." 

Thank you! Stunning!

I'm not finding the place to

By Judy Hidy

I'm not finding the place to download my fall pictures... Help!

Hi Judy, Click below for the

By Almanac Staff

Hi Judy,
Click below for the main photo gallery and there's a link at the top to upload photos:

The link will take you to this photo upload page:

Hope this helps--and we look forward to seeing your fall pics!

Nice pics. The sun has

By marielle

Nice pics. The sun has changed over the years. We use to have a golden yellow ball in the sky. Now it's big white and bloated,covered with chemtrails.

Think I made error and

By LouAlongi

Think I made error and uploaded my contest photo instead of my face photo.

No worries. (Great photo!)

By Almanac Staff

No worries. (Great photo!) You should be able to reload but if this is a problem, just email us at AlmanacEditors@yankeepub.com and we will help you!

Great photos.

By LouAlongi

Great photos.

I love the Serendipity at

By k miller

I love the Serendipity at sunset and also dandelion wishes. they are all so beautiful!!!!

(1)Can the photos be edited

By M. Oms

(1)Can the photos be edited (e.g., using photoshop or other software) by the photographer before submitting them to this website for the photo contest? (2) Can the photos be cropped before they are submitted?

Yes, the photos can be edited

By Almanac Staff

Yes, the photos can be edited or cropped; we do not mind artistic and creative interpretations!

Other then the one time use

By fortunato_uno

Other then the one time use of the image. Will you be planning on being allowed to use an image anytime after this one contest? I ask because I believe in intilectual property rights. Also, if I have my mark in the bottom corner, will it remain there?

Hello, The rights and terms

By Almanac Staff

Hello, The rights and terms of use are listed above. The e-card area of our site is a free service for the greater community and photos can be sent and shared by all. This may not be the appropriate forum for your photography. If we do feature an ecard, the author is credited. We do not remove any marks or change photos in any way. For more terms of use, see: http://www.almanac.com/content/terms-use

Very proud... and very

By carlos lee

Very proud... and very grateful

I so enjoyed all the photos!!

By nanarox7

I so enjoyed all the photos!! Thank you!


By jas36340


I cannot wait to see the

By Belinda.A

I cannot wait to see the winner of this contest. I hope that you get more submissions than you know what to do with. Thanks for letting us in on this and we will be checking out all the entries.

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Belinda, Thank you! We

By Almanac Staff

Belinda, Thank you! We appreciate the enthusiasm for our new contests. Our readers are so creative and send such stunning photos. We thought that a contest might be fun!--Your Almanac editors

I just noticed several of the

By David Jackson 3

I just noticed several of the pictures in the e'gallery are not oriented correctly. They need to be flipped to correct position. Is this how they will look when they are sent?

Hi, David, The photos will

By Almanac Staff

Hi, David, The photos will look exactly as they were submitted.There's no change in orientation on the server side. This means that if a photo uploaded appears portrait when it should be landscape, or vice- versa, it's because the original photo ''as uploaded by the user'' was the wrong orientation. We are unable to flip them once they're loaded; however, this won't affect how we judge the contests!

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