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Top Deadliest Hurricanes from 1851-2006

This hurricane photo was taken by a reader from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
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Credit: Christy Mcfarren

Here are the Top Ten Deadliest Hurricanes in the United States from 1851-2006.

Blow not against the hurricane.

  1. 1900 Texas (Galveston) Category 4. 8,000–12,000 deaths.
  2. 1928 Florida (SE/Lake Okeechobee) Category 4. 2,500 deaths.
  3. 2005 Katrina (SE LA/MS) Category 3. 1,500 deaths.
  4. 1893 LA (Cheniere Caminanda) Category 4. 1,100–1,400 deaths.
  5. 1893 SC/GA (Sea Islands) Category 3. 1,000–2,000 deaths.
  6. 1881 GA/SC Category 2. 700 deaths.
  7. 1957 Audrey (SW LA / N TX) Category 4. 416 deaths.
  8. 1935 (FL Keys) Category 5. 408 deaths.
  9. 1856 LA (Last Island) Category 4. 400 deaths.
  10. 1926 FL (Miami, MS/AL/Pensacola) Category 4. 372 deaths.

It's not surprising that Florida and Texas rank so highly. In general, about 39% of hurricanes that hit the United States strike the state of Florida. Also, about two-thirds of the strongest hurricanes (Class 4 or 5) make landfall on either the Florida or Texas coast.

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