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Valentine's Day Recipes: Desserts, Dinner, Cookies, Breakfast

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This is a great selection of

By Victoria Chick

This is a great selection of recipes.There are several I want to make soon. I kept thinking when I was reading the beef tenderloin recipe, that it might be even better with a pork tenderloin.

Wow, these look amazing.

By janeydodge

Wow, these look amazing. We're going to be so busy and full on Valentine's Day! And how about our Dark Chocolate Aztec Truffles - bittersweet, delicious and made with avocado (which used to be considered an aphrodisiac...) Hope you like them http://www.veggierunners.com/?p=2480

Where is the recipe for the

By Delia Torres

Where is the recipe for the item pictured under Cookies? It looks great and would like to give it a try!


By Almanac Staff

Hi Delia, The images represent the overall category as we don't always have photos for each recipe. However, you may enjoy this heart-shaped Valentine's Day sweet called, "Mini Jam-Filled Valentine Heart Pie Recipes. See: http://www.almanac.com/recipe/mini-jam-filled-valentine-heart-pies

This is one of the better

By naturaljane

This is one of the better selection of recipes, although the calories much be off the records on some of them. They still sound delicious. There is a greater selection of egg-less recipes. Thanks for that!

These sound delicious! I'll

By Catherine Boeckmann

These sound delicious! I'll have to share with my family! Thanks for a great--and succinct--list of ideas.

Thanks, we made the Real Hot

By Almanac Staff

Thanks, we made the Real Hot Chocolate for an Almanac birthday party today. It's wonderful. Add whipped cream and nutmeg!

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