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This year, customers of the Almanac Garden Planner sent us glowing reviews!  We were so excited that this gardening tool helped them that we wanted to share this inspiration with you.

Below are our customers’ success stories, plot plans, and garden photos.  We think they speak for themselves!

If you are interested in planning a better garden, why not try the Almanac Garden Planner for yourself. We’re offering a free garden planner 7-day trial! This is ample time to draw out your garden beds, add plants, and move them around until you have just the right layout.  

The Garden Planner goes WAY beyond design though.  We’ve done all the research for you—so that the planting dates are tied to your zip code. We’ve even programmed how much space each crop needs and which crops grow best in the same bed. When you’re done with your plot plans, print a free garden planner calendar with all of the planting and harvesting dates for the year! 

Garden Planner Reviews from Real Customers

Click below to see each garden plan, photos, and Garden Planner testimonials from happy customers!

1. Garden Plan by Christine


2. Garden Plan by Angela


3. Garden Plan by Augustín


4. Garden Plan by Allie


5. Sol

Here is an amazing video shared by one of our Vegetable Garden Planner customers! It’s the story about her first year of gardening.



Learn more about the Almanac Garden Planner and get your 7-day FREE Garden Planner trial today!

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