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Enjoy this free Almanac Weather Lore Calendar on—a collection of proverbs related to months, weeks, and days.

For farmers and sailors from centuries past, weather folklore and age-old wisdom was relied on to forecast the weather.

Do any of these weather proverbs ring true to you?  

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The 2009 Old Farmer's Almanac


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the number and heaviness of

the number and heaviness of august fogs can predict how much and how many snowfalls you will get the on coming winter

What will winter be like this

What will winter be like this coming yr.will it be cold or will we have a warm winter.

Here in the Blue Ridge

Here in the Blue Ridge mountains, part of the Appalachian Mtn Range, every fog in August means a snow in the winter. Folks put a big dried bean in a jar for the big fogs and a small bean for the lesser foggy mornings and then compare beans to snowfalls in the winter!

What a fun ongoing seasonal

What a fun ongoing seasonal activity! Do the beans really match up throughout the seasons? How do they compare by the end...?!

Re weather lore personal

Re weather lore personal observations: here in Brenham TX 77833, about 3 weeks ago my husband observed a squirrel attempting to move our neighbor's cotton twine mop. The squirrel was able to transport the mop from the fence where it was hanging to a location of the squirrel's choice. Bob presumed the squirrel was stockpiling a warm home for the winter to come. And goodness the acorns are totally thick here and at our home in Clear Lake area of Houston TX 77059. Also, our pecans are slow in falling from the trees, and the leaves are still healthy on the trees. Our biggest problem in the garden areas right now is abundance of nut grass. Love your emails and the weather lore calendar and info, thank you!