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Wedding Photo Contest

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Enter our annual Wedding Photo Contest! Photos are accepted year-round.  Prizes are awarded in June—the month named for the Roman goddess Juno, patron of marriage and women.

We are now accepting photos.

To enter, Upload your photos here! Be sure to select the "Weddings" category.


We'll send the lucky couple a bundle of Almanac products, including The Old Farmer's Almanac, an Almanac cookbook, our Flower Series notecards, and more. (Of course, you're all lucky in love!)

Terms & Conditions

Amateur photographers only! If you are a professional wedding photographer, do not submit your photos. If your wedding photo is taken by a professional photographer, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you not only own the photo but also have the right to post it; the content must not infringe copyrights or other property rights of any party.

We accept photos of your own wedding (past or present) and/or the wedding of a close friend or family member (such as your daughter or son). Due to the way online works, all photos submitted to this Web site will become the property of Yankee Publishing Inc., which may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use the material for any purpose, in any form, and on any media.

Wedding Photo Gallery

Thank you for sharing pictures from your beautiful day! Browse all of the submitted photos in the Almanac's Weddings Ecard gallery.

And if you're planning a wedding—or, just love to think about love and its customs (as we do!—enjoy our Wedding Planning page!

Winning Wedding Photos


"Generations of Love"

Credit: Rebekah Baumunk
"Our wedding was held at my parents family farm where I grew up. My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to include a photo booth full of pictures of our relatives on their special day. What a great way to show the generations of love that have grown in our families throughout the years!"


"Our Wedding With Our Children"

Credit: Jason Casey
"Our Wedding with our children . . . beautiful day!! This picture was taken by a friend that just happened to be standing there shooting random shots. We absolutely love this photo . . . it totally captures the love of our family and for each other."

"Winter Wedding Wonderland"

Credit: Brad Boardman
"My bride and I went to take pictures on a calm winter day, only to be engulfed in a winter blizzard. It was cold, but the picture turned out great."
Editor's note: We love the church in the distance that you can barely see through the snow.

"CJ and Tiffany"

Credit: Susan Jones


"A September Love Storm"

Credit: Melanie Siegrest
"We got married at the highest point in Lancaster County, PA, surrounded by fields as far as we could see. After our "reveal," this storm rolled in; you could see the rain in the distance and the storm clouds. We loved it. It was BEAUTIFUL."


"A September Kind of Love"

Credit: Aimee Hudson
"Just as the sun was about to set. It was such a wonderful day filled with love!"


"Bride in Bliss"

Credit: dmoker
Editor note: How could we not notice this shot? What a unique setting. Very Americana.


"Happy Groom"

Credit: jessielynne21
Editor note: The title says it all.


Enchanted Wedding

Credit: Michael Roberts
"It was truly a fairytale garden for this wedding! I took this photo of our dear friends wedding in Washington Oaks State Park in Palm Coast, Florida."


"Shawn & Jamie"

Credit: jamie27
Editor note: We loved the glimpse of spontaneity—more candid than posed.


A Stroll Through the Garden

Credit: Candice Chisholm (Mother of the Groom)
"My son's wedding took place in my yard, and just after the wedding my son, his new wife and his daughter took a stroll through the garden."


"I Do"

Credit: Elizabeth Cayton
"Adam and I were married on the beach at Emerald Isle, N.C. It was the most beautiful day and memory and bride could want to have!!!!"


Jump for Joy!

Credit: Photo taken by my brother Kirk Strader. Submitted by Charisse.
"My husband and I were so excited to get married we literally jumped for joy!"


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Ron and Monica destination

By Monica Allen

Ron and Monica destination wedding in beautiful
Montego Bay, Jamaica.

"She floats his boat"

By Jeanie458

"She floats his boat"

I love the Toyota Jump!

By bochinchera6

I love the Toyota Jump!

our wedding day Aug 1st Were

By fretbuzz

our wedding day Aug 1st Were older but getting better$&^^&( We think

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