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Weed Control: How to Reduce Weeds in Your Garden

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Here are tips on how to control weeds in your garden—and recommended treatments for different types of weeds.

Tips to Reduce Weeds

  • USE MULCH. Cover the soil between plants and along rows with mulch to block daylight and inhibit growth.
  • SAVE THOSE YOUNG PLANTS. It's critical to keep weeds away from newly emerging seedlings. Keep your crops weed-free for the first four weeks of their life.
  • CLOSE RANKS. If your soil is rich and well tilled, plant your crops closer together than is commonly recommended to further cut down on weed growth.
  • CUT THEM OFF AT THE PASS. Another method is to remove weeds from the soil before you plant your garden.
  • OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Use a grass whip or string trimmer and cut off their heads before they flower.
  • TRIM THE EDGES. Keep the edges of your property mowed to cut down on invasions of weeds into your fertile garden soil.

Weed Types and Treatments


Stem length: 4 to 12 inches. Treatment: Hand-weed and destroy.
Bull Thistle

Stem length: 2 to 5 feet. Treatment: Pull or cultivate out before it seeds.
Common Burdock

Stem length: 2 to 6 feet. Treatment: Pull out before it seeds.
Field Bindweed

Stem length: 1 to 4 feet. Treatment: Dig out before it flowers.
Also called: Wild Morning Glory
Lamb's Quarter

Stem length: 1 to 6 feet. Treatment: Cultivate out.
Large Crabgrass

Stem length: 8 inches to 3 feet. Treatment: Pull or cultivate out before it seeds.

Stem length: 6 to 8 inches. Treatment: Pull out before it seeds.

Stem length: 2 to 12 inches. Treatment: Pull out and destroy.

Stem length: 1 to 3 feet. Treatment: Dig out.
Redroot Pigweed

Stem length: 1 to 6 feet. Treatment: Pull out before it flowers.
Stinging Nettle

Stem length: 3 to 6 feet. Treatment: Pull out with gloved hands.


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I know stinging nettle is a

By Heather Muller

I know stinging nettle is a good herb along with lamb's quarter. The rest I will have to look up. Yes, they are weeds but they are also herbs. Very good herbs.

our main weed is houretails

By Valerie Reed and Dan Baumgardner

our main weed is houretails it is a small tube-bulb that you dig the soil up then it can be shiffed thur screen the green stock is easily broken off before the root is found to remove dig down about six to eight inches and under the root of plant.

Last year I placed layers of

By The Farmer's Daughter

Last year I placed layers of newspaper covered with compost in garden rows and around plants to reduce weed control. It worked like a charm.

my father always went by the

By Edna Suggs

my father always went by the farmers almanac to decide when to have his surgaries to heal better I dont know how he did it and im trying to find out when is the best time in April to have surgary

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