When is Halloween 2016?


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Halloween History, Ideas, and Recipes

Halloween Moon

When is Halloween in 2016? What day does it fall this year? Get Halloween dates and the history of Halloween—plus, some fun holiday crafts and spooktacular recipe ideas from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Where Did Halloween Come From?

The origin of Halloween can be traced to Samhain (pronounced sow-in, which rhymes with cow-in), which was an ancient Celtic festival that was celebrated in what is now Great Britain to mark the end of harvesttime and the beginning of the new year. The two-day celebration began at sundown on October 31. The ancient Celts believed that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest during Samhain, thereby making it a good time to communicate with the deceased and to divine the future.

Samhain is Gaelic for “summer’s end,” a day to bid good-bye to warmth and light as day length shortens.

History of Halloween

Following the triumph of the Holy Roman Empire over Celt-occupied lands in the 1st century A.D., the Romans incorporated many of the Celtic traditions, including Samhain, with their own. Eight hundred years later, the Roman Catholic Church further modified Samhain, designating November 1 as All Saints’ Day, in honor of all Catholic saints. This day was formerly known as Allhallowmas, hallow meaning to sanctify, or make holy. All Saints’ Day is known in England as All Hallows’ Day.

The evening before, October 31, is known as All Hallows’ Eve, the origin of the American word Halloween!

In later years, the Irish used hollowed-out, candlelit turnips carved with a demon’s face to frighten away spirits. When Irish immigrants in the 1840s found few turnips in the United States, they used the more plentiful pumpkins instead.

See more about the History of Carving Pumpkins.

Halloween Date 2016

Year Halloween Day
2016 Monday, October 31
2017 Tuesday, October 31
2018 Wednesday, October 31
2019 Thursday, October 31

Halloween Ideas

Get into the Halloween spirit with these seasonal crafts! See how to make:
A pumpkin seed necklace
Pumpkin Spice Mix
• Really cool carved pumpkin designs
Native American corn husk dolls
Apple heads

Credit: Susan Valladao; Carved by Mike Valladao

Halloween Recipes

There are no tricks to making these old-fashioned Halloween treats. Yum!
Candy Apples
Caramel-Covered Apples
Peanut Butter Balls
Oven Caramel Corn
Popcorn Balls
Find more ideas for Halloween recipes.



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What should I do on Halloween

What should I do on Halloween night to bring good luck

You can't do anything to

You can't do anything to bring good luck or bad luck.
Your fate is based on your destiny.

look after my nieces,my nefyou

my nefyou,my nieces like halloween

In India we also has similar

In India we also has similar day called Kali Chaudas..

All the Halloween fans are

All the Halloween fans are going to enjoy the event more than ever. This is so because Sky-Seller Online Clothing Store has announced an amazing discount of 20% on every purchase.

I am extremely excited that

I am extremely excited that Halloween falls on a Saturday for 2015.

Typically I need to take off of work to get my yard decorations all setup and I am usually exhausted by the time Trick-or-Treating starts.

This year I plan to setup everything on Friday night so I can enjoy the entire day! My wife is looking forward to having friends over for a Halloween Party which people tended to bail on in previous years when Halloween fell on a work night.

Can't wait!!!

I like halloween.

I like halloween.

That's a pity , because of

That's a pity , because of HALLOWEEN , some people take advantage of this celebration to mug other people in the streets , particularly in the U.S AND IN FRANCE ...

Hi I m muslim. But I would

Hi I m muslim. But I would like to know about the Halloween day please

Helloween night is very

Helloween night is very fearing so i like it.

i missed u this horror night

i missed u this horror night

As a pagan I would like to

As a pagan I would like to say a Happy Samhain to you all I hope the new year is all that you hope it to be. Thank you for all your information. May the Goddess look kindly on you. Blessed Be and Merry Meet.

My fiance and I ate planning

My fiance and I ate planning a Celtic Hand fasting style wedding for this year's Samhain. Such a very bleseed way to start the new year...

Really we are waiting for the

Really we are waiting for the Halloween Day. Thanks for making it clear that this Halloween Day 2014 falls on Friday which is on October 31st.

Halloween on Friday is more rare days which we see in life.

Wish everyone a
Happy Halloween Day 2014

Haha, comes in fitting of

Haha, comes in fitting of Friday 13th. It's on a Friday. Also if you switch the numbers around you get... FRIDAY 13th! A very demented day :) have a nice halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Won't be

Happy Halloween!! Won't be long and it will be here!!

Actually, this article is

Actually, this article is slightly misinformed. Samhain was never a Celtic festival of the dead. It was purely a harvest feast time at which cattle would be driven home and preparations were made for the new year. It was not until the Christian church moved All Saints' Day to November first that October 31st became The Eve of All Saints or The Eve of All Hallows. At which time, it was thought that the souls of the Christian dead returned to be with the living for a period of time. This is how Halloween got it's association with the dead. Because of Christianity.

Samhain was also not a time that honored any so-called "God of Death", because there never was one in Celtic belief.

Admittedly though, Samhain/Halloween almost always had ties to the "other world". Celtic tribes often believed that elves or faery folk could emerge from their world on Samhain more so than they could on many other days of the year, and that they could cause both good luck and misfortune. Some were believed to help the living in divining the future, and some were believed to steal away children or cause a future death.

But with All Saints and All Souls, along with Christianity, these beings were taken and transformed into angels, demons, and the devil himself in an attempt to force these early religions into merging with Christianity.


"Halloween: Pagan Festival to Party Night" by Nicholas Rogers

"Halloween: Pagan Festival to Trick or Treat" by Mark Oxbrow

"The Book of Hallowe'en" by Ruth Edna Kelley

"The Pagan Mysteries of Halloween: Celebrating the Dark Half of the Year" by Jean Markale

"Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon" by Ellen Dugan

and many others.

We have updated the

We have updated the description for Halloween. Thank you for your feedback!

To whom: will answer I would

To whom: will answer I would like to know since Halloween fall on a Thursday this year when will they do trick or treating its my sons first time he turns 1 on Nov.4 and I don't want to miss I love him will all my heart but I also have to pull double shifts but will suffer if have to just would like to know so can be prepared or try ta trade thank you

If trick or treating falls on

If trick or treating falls on a school night, your town may change the date for the little ones. Check with your town police department to find out the date and time for trick or treating. Every town is different!

Actually it won't be, there

Actually it won't be, there is a holiday made for the celebration. Most schools have made it so this is known as half term. Also Halloween 2014 is not held on a school night but on a weekend day. Friday.

Most people misunderstand

Most people misunderstand dressing up on Halloween.
The ancient Celtic belief was to dress up as what you would like to be in the coming year, in the hope that your wish would be granted.

guess all girls wanna be

guess all girls wanna be sluts for the coming year.

So does this mean I'm gonna

So does this mean I'm gonna be Jeff the Killer next year...? DX

i like halloween

i like halloween

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