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Which Almanac topic do you enjoy most?

Please tell us which Almanac topic you enjoy most. (We realize that there are many topics that make the Almanac what it is; please choose one for the sake of this poll!)

Your vote will guide us as we select topics for our e-newsletters and Web site features. We also welcome your comments below.

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what I like

By realresults

The weather and the history stories and how to's.


By Feistyfdlr

That was the hardest choice I've had to make in a while lol. There should have been an "all" selection since I read every single letter, ad, and article whether it's of interest, or use, to me at that time or not.

I like them all

By Lloyd Creech

The weather is my favorite along with the pictures

my vote

By Rebecca Haughn

too bad a mulitple vote could not be counted, I see the sun has none, so please don't lose it, good info there too.

my vote

By bkndhrtd

Please don't change any thing cause I love it all.

Great site and email newsletters

By Doug Mudgett

The Almanac's newsletters are the favorite emails I find in my inbox!

My vote

By Elaine Aldous

That was a hard choice. I love the whole site!


By Beverly Oyler

I like the layout, quotes, recipes, gardening, etc. Please keep it the way it is.

Seasons ...

By Mary Osullivan

If you had asked in the winter, it might have been food, or astronomy, or moon, or everyday advise, or folklore, or... :)

totally agree

By Mark Albertson

time of year dependent - I don't pay much attention to gardening in the winter - but the whole site is awesome.


By DarkendBlueSkye

I have yet to find something here I DON'T love. Keep up the wonderful work!

I chose general advice but

By Yvonne Wall

I love it all. I also like the free ecards with the spectacular pictures of New England.
Keep up the good work,

Yvonne Wall


By Anita Mcdowell

I really enjoy it all. Don't change a thing it all great

Almanac topics

By Charlene D Boydston

I really like all your topics, especially, the folklore!

Topics Survey

By Linda Beckman

I have to agree with others--I enjoy all of your content.

I love them all!

By Emily Houger

I really enjoy the wide variety of topics you have. I really love the folklore and the interesting facts about the day. And the little quotes and poems... haha I love everything about it! If it was just all about gardening I probably wouldn't read it as much. Thank you for having such an awesome website and publications. Your newsletter inspires me every time! Farmer Almanac your amazing :)

love them all

By Doreen Hipple

I too, really enjoy everything,I chose best days because it helps with everything I do.

I love all the subjects too!

By Donna Thomas 5

Please don't change anything! I read and enjoy it all!!!

Depends upon the Season...

By Judy Lenger

In the winter in Iowa Weather is #1, else recipes for the season!

I enjoy all your topics and

By Jane Umstead.

I enjoy all your topics and use lots of the advice!

My Vote

By Alba Santos

Although I indicated Weather as my favorite I must say that I enjoy reading about every subject matter I get from you. Thanks!


By Aeroharp

I like moon, sun and stars best - just wanted to say don't give them up and become just another gardening ezine!

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