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Which bugs are most annoying?

After you vote, tell us why!

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House flies. Got besieged

By flmdrpeena@yahoo.com

House flies. Got besieged last Fall & finally got rid of. I had tried all natural (even supposedly safe Home Depot etc. )essential oils which can by the way be harmful to cats - oils can cause liver problems & failure. Various vinegar formulae,, traps of different lures etc. traps. Old fashioned fly paper worked but insufficient. I can't use any thing that will harm my animals. Nothing worked. Finally just went away.
Yesterday some were back & swatted & cleaned everything. Still trying to find solution...


Black Flies

By Tamcho

Funny thing about black flies they tend to disappear when you start your saw. Noise? Exhaust fumes?

biting flies

By Bonnie Hayden

they are annoying when they bite but it is also good because it means that rain is on the way :)


By Mickey Fruge

ants of all kinds make pests, in a variety of ways durring the summer


By Elaine Fugina

For me, the little flying bugs in the house that look like fruit flies and live in my houseplant soil, are the most annoying.

Fungus Gnats

By Anonymous

Place a half a Mosquito dunk in a gallon of water and let it set over night. Stir it up and water your plants with it. This will kill the larvae in you plant soil. Back off on water. They lay their eggs in wet soil and this is where they thrive!

What is a Mosquito dunk? I'm

By kandy taylor

What is a Mosquito dunk? I'm not familiar that, is it something you can make yourself at home or do you need to purchase it?

Most annoying bug...

By judycecrle

I hate all insects that bite. Even when they are said to not bite...they bite me. In the summer I can depend on having blood running down my legs from 'non-biting' insects. I don't use anything scented on my body and yet I am the one bitten.

More garlic

By Anonymous

You need more garlic in you diet!

"Worst" Insect?

By Redmink

Hard to say! But repelling biting insects especially black flies is do-able with a good ol' recipe of Vicks Vapo-Rub, but Ticks? Having to dig some out of skin, risk of Lyme disease among others, and my poor dogs too! YIKES.

black flies

By stiljanice

Years ago, black fly season here in New Hampshire started in late May/early June and lasted two weeks flat—not a minute more. Now, the little buggers seem to appear in early May and just keep on coming.

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