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Ants,small and big black ones

By Richard S on August 16

Ants,small and big black ones and brown ones. All over in my yard garden and house my son is allergic to them if I don't get rid of them I will have to sell my house because my son is so allergic. Please help me out.

Earwigs!! Last summer I was

By NeeCee Davidson

Earwigs!! Last summer I was overrunning with them! I even got pinched by a couple. If you are told it doesn't hurt, you are being lied to! They ate Big holes in my flowers. They love water, so when you water they come out of no where! Help. What do I do?

Here are tips on how to

By Almanac Staff

Here are tips on how to control the earwigs:


Some kind of bug

By Janella Mozingo

I never can see the actual bug but it lays its babies in my appricotes and the worm eats all the fruit befor eit is even ripe and the rest fall off my tree on the ground

Mystery bean plant eater

By Sharon Hanley

I have something that last year and this have eaten my bean plants. I sprinkled with seven with no luck. This year my new hollyhock plants are also being nibbled away.

Getting rid of slugs on plants

By Micheline Saluga

Save all of your egg shells,dry & crush cleaned shells, put under & around plants plagued by slugs--NO more slugs & plants get minerals from egg shells.

this is a good idea.

By Anonymous

I'm going to try that.

Borers! Beetles!

By Jean Coelho

Squash Vine Borers in my zucchini! Cucumber Beetles in my cucumbers & my zucchini!
Japanese Beetles everywhere!
I've tried benefical nematodes to go after the larvae & a rotenone/pyrethrin spray. Was told by a local farmer to plant chives & mint near my broccoli to deter japenese beetles. Really, WHAT is their purpoes on this earth?!!
Other than to drive me insane that is...

Tomatoe Worms

By Dano59

we have found a couple of baby's and got rid of them immediately. We did find one adult so far and it ate a pepper plant. I have never heard of this before has anyone else had this happen?

It even ate the peppers and they are hot believe me. lol!

Cucumber Beetles!

By Martha Schimmin...

They're eating the flowers and leaves of my zucchini plants :(


By dixie38

my mom told me to use this and it works great mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle and spray all the leaves at lest 2 a week dawn dish soap is what i use do it late evening cause they are out feeding early in the mornings or if your up early you can do it then be sure to get the back side of the leaves to kill the babys !! good luck


By agwells

They came in so quickly. It wasn't long before they were everywhere
and began to demolish my vege garden. I wasn't ready for them but I will be next time, I do not use pesticides or herbicides so I have a whole lot of reading and research ahead for me. I will prevail! somehow??? Aphids, beetles and hookworms were managable and I used the 2 parts rubbing alcohol to 5 parts water with a teaspoon of detergent to keep them away, it worked. Those darn grasshoppers are still around.


By Angela Timms

Where did all these grasshoppers come from? My chickens are so full they can't hardly walk and it's not even slowing these mennaces down. We have almost one half less hay harvest this year they are eating all the grass in the medows! We are going to have to sell cows because we won't have enough hay this year and it's too expensive to buy!


By Kathy Hefferen

It's on everything! Maples, birch, eunomeous. Not alot of treatments available to knock them out in this heat. Any suggestions?

Red Lily Leaf Beetle

By Debora Patterson

I've had lilies for years with no predators, last year I discovered a red beetle on my lilies, they have totally destroyed my plants. How do I get rid of them?

Red Lily Beetles

By kbdaniels

These beetles devasted my asiatic lilies and started moving to tiger lilies. I took care of every last one with Sevin in a pump sprayer. I have NEVER used Sevin before but this was very bad. Try it!

Red Lily Leaf Beetles

By Jean Coelho

I've been lucky (knock wood) but I have picked a few off my lilies, too. You need to crush all the eggs as well. Look for clusters of reddish orange eggs on the underside of the leaves. And the crusty black-brown clumps also found on the underside of the leaves? That is the larvae covered in their own excrement. Disgusting!
Picking them off by hand is the only way to get rid of them. As they are originally from Europe, they have no preditors in the US. The Univ of RI is working on a biological control.


By Sarah Meyer

Snails, snails, snails, they're on every thing, eating every blossom and every new start, they're eating holes in my ornamentals and they've eaten every blossom from my squash. I have tried picking them off, squashing them, DE, soap sprays even the beer board thing. Nothing has helped. They're ruining my yard and my garden. Help Please!

Garden Pests

By Dave Schaefer

Annually, my nemesis is the squash vine borer followed by the Mexican bean beetle and then the Colorado potato beetle. The latter enjoys both eggplant and potatoes, both of which I grow. The vine borer is in the moth family so I tried moth balls around the base of the squash plant. Marginally successful. A new product "Eight" works very well for both beetles and is relatively harmless to people. Last year with a very wet June/July, for the first time in 30 gardens, slugs covered everything. I clean out all debris at the end of the season and burn most of it. I rototill both spring and fall. That helps too.


By lilliputsmom

They are both small and large black ants. They are eating my potato plants!


By S. Beach

I just can't seem to get rid of them. I use DE for usual pest control, but it has no effect at stopping the hoppers. Last year I joked about having grasshoppers in biblical proportions and I wasn't kidding. They aren't as bad this year (hundreds vs. thousands) but they are still ruining everything. I'm thinking of not planting a garden next year to see if it helps.



By Angela Timms

The reason you don't have as many this year is because they are all at my house! Thanks alot. Just kidding. I haven't seen this many in probably twenty years. I was a small girl the last time I remember there being this many in Southern Oklahoma. I don't know what has happened but there aren't many cicada this year. I call the bugs we have grasshoppers but they are actually locust. Let me know if you find a stop to them.

Japanese Beetles

By jshackleford

I despise these little buggers.
They are not as bad this year since I applied some Spectracide to parts of my lawn in the spring. Evidently I should have treated more areas, since they are appearing on my rose bush now. I have an old dutch oven with a lid that I don't use anymore, so I go out during the day and put the pot under where they are devouring my roses and whack them with the lid. Ta Da - they fall in the pot. I leave the pot in the hot sun and roast them. Yes, I know it is cruel, but I didn't invite them to treat my roses as a buffet!

Japanese Beetles

By tilley

I have tried to use the pharamone lures and they have only attracted more. SO I threw that away and used a spray called SEVEN. So far it has worked better than anything else and I have been batteling these annoying creatures for 3 years now. Any help or suggestions would be great. Please help in Michigna.

Japanese Beetles

By tbxtr

I have read that smooshing beetles will attract more. For mild cases, I use a mug with a drop of dishwasher detergent and water. I knock the beetles off of the flower or leaves. They feign death and drop into the cup. The soap shuts down their lungs. For broader problems, I use Sevin in a convenient spray bottle. For even greater infestation, I use a sprayer and broadcast Sevin over the affected bushes. This method is best for large infestations. In between spraying, I go back to the dish detergent in a cup of water and the convenient spray bottle to protect new flowers.

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