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Which would you choose for Easter dinner?

Thanks for taking our poll. If you celebrate Easter, please tell us what you're planning to cook (or, just eat!) by posting below. Click here to browse Easter recipes.


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Easter Dinner Family's Choice

By HunterJ

I'd rather choose lamb for our Easter dinner since it is really our family's choice. Easter has come and gone – though second Easter Sunday is coming up soon (it's a whole week) and so there's no reason why you can't put Easter dinner recipes to work twice. Among the most popular of Easter dinner recipes is either leg or rack of lamb (with some veggies and couscous) or a glazed ham. Since it is spring time, early season fruit is a great thing to add to Easter dessert offerings, and produce is honestly cheap enough so you can put on a spread worthy of legend without running for payday loans. Apples and Florida strawberries come to mind.

Farm Dinner

By Natalie Smith

We are having duck and goat... because that is what we have right now! Yummy!

Easter dinner

By myshie

The weather here in Massachusetts is going to be so nice we are having a barbeque with steak this year instead of the traditional ham and turkey. I don't remember an Easter so warm.


By Steven Mclain

Its hard to remember when your up to your butt in alligators!! That the plan was to drain the pond!!!!!!!!!

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