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Do you have a favorite farmers’ market? Support your local market.

1. Find your farmers’ market in our Farmers’ Market Directory. Just add a comment on YOUR local farmers’ market page.

2. If your farmers’ market is not listed, please add it! Just use the link on our Farmers’ Market Directory page.

For 4 consecutive weeks in August, we’ll pick a random winner from all the entries and send them an Almanac tote! See below for winners’ names.

Through sunny days and yellow weeks,
With clouds that melt in tears,
The glory of the harvest speaks
In all the silken ears.
–J. Hazard Hartzell

Almanac Tote Winners

Week of August 1: jenni104
Week of August 8: Lori Houchin
Week of August 15: Shirley Shrewsbury
Week of August 22: M. Kraker

Many thanks to everyone who added their favorite farmers’ market or posted a comment! We can’t believe how many folks participated. Thanks for showing your support for your local farmers’ markets—as well as fresh, local, flavorful food!

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We just love The Gateway

We just love The Gateway Farmer's Market in York, Maine. Delicious homegrown veggies of all kinds, home made soaps, dog biscuits, desert hummus and soo much more, sad they can't be there all year long!!!

my favorite is burris farmers

my favorite is burris farmers market, great fresh produce ,great products,ice cream shop,and they have homemade cobblers ,to serve over ice cream,just our grandmothers used too make ,stopping by a weekend is fave takes you back when you were a kid smelling grandmothers cobbler cooling off ,and of course you could,nt wait too eat ,but of course you too eat all of your lunch before you COULD eat it though ,its a very nice market located in loxley there market AAA +++

Marché de la vieille gare -

Marché de la vieille gare - Sherbrooke, Québec

I love this market which has been built in a disaffected train station. Indoors you can find a range of fine foods from a cheese shop and butcher to ready to eat organic vegetarian meals. Outside are stalls where local farmers sell their produce and home made goods - Jams, Jellies, Pesto, Cider.

Here is a link so that you may have a virtual visit: (French only, but as the page refreshes the photos change.) Enjoy.

My favorite is the Madison

My favorite is the Madison Farmers much to choose from!

I frequently go to the North

I frequently go to the North Riverside farmers market for fresh vegetables and good coffee.

I'm there first thing every

I'm there first thing every Saturday morning that I can be! Have to get my fresh eggs and bread then on to see what fruits and veggies are available, then I meet up with some of my girlfriends for a fresh crepe breakfast! Yummy!

Berlin, NH Farmers

Berlin, NH Farmers Market---new this year. A little town trying to rebuild itself after the close of it's largest employer (papermill). This farmers market is the best. Not only are we offered local produce, breads, soaps, crafts, maple syrup, entertainment, music, etc, it is a great social gathering. It's easy to see how a little town comes together thanks to many good people. Feel free to visit. Thursdays 3pm to 7pm until September 16th.

Yes, for the love of Farmer's

Yes, for the love of Farmer's Markets! I live in Garner, NC (southeastern Wake County), so I have two to choose from. The first is the State Farmers Market in Raleigh and the second is the Johnston County Produce Market in Smithfield. A trip to either one with my mother makes for a fine afternoon! Oh, and the fresh fruits and veggies, too. Often time we see some crafters and have a great day, usually once a month...I could go on and on! :)

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Chilliwack, British Columbia has a wonderful farmers market called Holsteads full of fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, fresh bread daily, deli and a great cheese display and small cafe serving the most delicious soups, sandwitches and pastries along with a good display of antiques lining the walls of the store. come in and enjoy!

The Sunnyvale, CA farmers

The Sunnyvale, CA farmers market held on Saturday mornings is a lot of fun, with locally grown veggies and fruits. Also lots of honey and bread/baked goods vendors there too. You can also get kettle corn there which is very good!

Closer to home is the updated

Closer to home is the updated and improved Farmer's Market in Jacksonville, FL, right at the foot of the old viaduct going into downtown. What a clean place to treasure hunt for fresh veggies and colorful fruit.

I love the Ashville N.C.

I love the Ashville N.C. Farmer's market. It has all sorts of surprises in fresh produce and meats, jars of everything from honey to pickles and all very reasonably priced. We hit it going to and coming from Virginia for our family reunion and bring lots of delicious fresh treats back to Florida.

Thanks for the contest and a

Thanks for the contest and a chance to add three new listings for farmers markets in Indiana, two in Evansville Indiana and one in Newburgh Indiana. With such a great variety in my area I am lucky I don't have to choose a favorite. They are all great!

We have three Farmers Markets

We have three Farmers Markets that we love. Two of them are not listed in your directory. One is our Scotts Valley Farmers Market open every Saturday 9am to 1pm (all year, all weather). The other not listed is in Felton, it's open on Tuesdays, May thru November. We also frequent the Santa Cruz Farmers Market on Wednesdays. All three are in Santa Cruz County, California. All three have wonderful selections of local produce. They also have fresh baked goods and locally roasted coffees. When in season, they have fresh fish. We go mostly for the wonderful local produce, great choices and reasonable prices. We feel it keeps our local economy and our bodies healthy!

Derry NH has their very first

Derry NH has their very first farmers markert on Broadway at pocket park. Great to have a local farmer's markert. Opened Wed, 2-7. Great fresh offerings!

The Farmer's Market I shop at

The Farmer's Market I shop at is the Community Markwet in Old Forge, NY. It's only been running for a couple of years, but it's Great and getting Better!

N. Tonawanda City Market is

N. Tonawanda City Market is AAA. Great prices on produce, plants and so much more just about 12 miles from Niagara Falls. Open Tues., Thurs. and Saturday until 1 p.m. year round. I think it is the best market in the Buffalo/Niagara Region.

My favorite is The Georgia

My favorite is The Georgia State Farmers Market in Forest Park, Georgia. I have been going there since I was about 5 years old. I am now 56. We would go real early in the morning then go back to my Grandmothers. She lived in Techwood Homes public housing. It was nothing like the public housing of today! We would go back there and shuck white corn, string beans and get the butter beans ready. Next we would walk up an down the sidewalks with our peck baskets selling vegetables to those who had no way to get their fresh vegetables. It was such a more simple time and so much fun.

The beautiful Santa Fe, N.M.

The beautiful Santa Fe, N.M. Railyard Farmers market. Yumm !!
You can shop for all your meals with just one stop here at this abundant market. Friendly, bright and healthy. Amazing.

Aquidneck Growers

Aquidneck Growers Market
Fabulous fresh picked produce every week!

I shop at Story's Farm

I shop at Story's Farm Market, on rte 32, Kiskatom, N.Y. 12414. They always have the freshest vegetables and beautiful hanging baskets!

Yay and the one I go to most

Yay and the one I go to most - now that I have it added - is the one here where I live the Angola Farmers Market!

LoganBerry Heritage Farms,

LoganBerry Heritage Farms, deep in the mountains of Cleveland, Georgia!
It's the very best I have ever been to.

I love the Wilkes Barre, PA

I love the Wilkes Barre, PA Farmers Market down on Public Square. The produce is great!

The LaGrange Community

The LaGrange Community Farmers Market is a good one to go shopping at!

I also shop at the Barr

I also shop at the Barr Street Market weekly in Ft Wayne.

I shop at the Auburn Farmers

I shop at the Auburn Farmers Market

I also shop at the Bryn Mawr

I also shop at the Bryn Mawr Farmer's Market in Bryn Mawr, PA. Only open on Saturday's but everything is fresh

I shop at the Ridgefield

I shop at the Ridgefield Farmers' Market in Ridgefield CT.

My favorite Farmer's Market

My favorite Farmer's Market is the Ardmore Farmers Market in Ardmore, PA.

I shop at the Camarillo

I shop at the Camarillo Farmer's Market because it supports the local Hospic. Also the produce is local grown.

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