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When I'm setting the holiday table for a buffet, I borrow from the Swedish tradition of the Julbord buffet, which most restaurants in Sweden offer throughout the month of December in place of their traditional menus. I drape all my tables with red...

Here are some fun facts about cranberries, an American native and a favorite seasonal ingredient in traditional holiday recipes.

Here is some fun trivia about turkeys, the all-American bird.

Here are three recipes for homemade gifts from your kitchen to share with family and friends this holiday season. For a special touch, make your own gift jars!

Chestnuts add a sweet, meaty taste to stuffing and stews. Here's how to peel a chestnut—without cutting off your thumb!

Here are tips on how to clean a pumpkin for cooking—plus five delicious pumpkin recipes!

Preserve your fruits. See how to make jams and preserves. Here are a few canning tips and recipes.

Pickling is a way to preserve the bounty of the season's harvest, and keep many vegetables and fruits. See tips, pickling measures, and pickling recipes.

Cooking greens can be tricky, but the benefits of eating them are great, including improved health and reduced risk of certain diseases. When cooked properly, they taste great too! Here are some tips:

Almost any apple can be enjoyed when eaten fresh. However, not all apples are ideal for the kitchen. Below is a chart with some of the best baking and cooking apples in North America.