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  • Cassoulet, French soup recipes (Geraldino)
    Hi everyone, My little son fell sick last week, it is a kind of flu the doctor said but I’m a bit worrying. I’d like to prepare his favorite dishes, Cassoulet or any French soups...
  • Philippines Food (Islasfoods)
    Philippine pili nuts from the Bicol region in the Philippines is a great Filipino or Philippines food orsnack. Pili nuts are very healthy and nutritious indeed, being a source of...
  • Natural preservative for use in cream cheese tomato dip (janed)
    I make a cream cheese tomato dip for my family but can only eat it on the day I make it. It's just OK if we eat the next day, only if it's been in the refrigerator. I'm looking...
  • website photo of chowder or stew (toadi48)
    On website under the recipe collections tab there is pictured a blue pot with lid and some sort of crab dish. Can anyone identify? I looks wonderful. TY