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EXTRA! Hot Products

Unique, American-crafted, and trusted by the editors of The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

All of the below products—and many more—can be found in the General Store here.


Feed Sack Pillows

Feed Sack Pillows

Choose from many different vintage designs. While supplies last.$19.95 to $31.95 


Triple-Milled Soap Bars


Gorgeous packaging and heavenly fragrances make these creamy bars perfect for gift-giving or personal use. $9.95 to $14.99 


Bamboo Carving and Serving Boards

Bamboo Carving Board

Made with premium grade bamboo from the denser lower half of the pole. Bamboo is about 16% harder than maple and looks so good that you’ll want to display these in your kitchen. $19.99 to $99.99


The Right Doormat

Lobster Rope Doormat

Handwoven from marine float rope that was used by Maine lobstermen to secure their traps. Float rope was discontinued because it entangled right whales. The rope was headed for landfills until it was repurposed into these virtually indestructible doormats. $39.95



2016 January Almanac Extra!

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