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Folk who may be suffering from this hard, hard winter.
On Sat 6th Feb my daughter gave me a beautiful red rose to put on her Nan's grave. I took it down and trimmed the stem down to about 12ins, Dug a hole and 'planted' it upright still with the plastic wrapper on. Now it is 9 days since that day and that rose looks as good as the day I planted it. I think the plastic has acted as a mini greenhouse around it, It has survived 10ins of snow, wind that would take the flesh off your bones, hard frosts, hailsones and rain. Every day I go, with Chance, and visit Mum and see how her garden is. Also the primroses are still flowering.When the rose at last succums to old age and has to be removed I will trim it top and bottom and stick it in in a corner and see if it grows, nothing to lose but everything to gain. I reckon that goes for life don't it.

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That's Beautiful

Wow, a special rose for a special place ... I hope it grows!

You've got great philosophy Colin!!

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nothing to lose but everything to gain

That is a beautiful gesture,and none being too small when given to someone that special.

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That is so sweet Colin!

That is so sweet Colin! Brought tears to my eyes~

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