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Hi, Everyone,

We have decided to close the Almanac forums.

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Joined: 2009-08-07

I am needing to buy a new computer but trying to figure out what is what is like trying to read jibberish to me. I don't want to just buy whatever and end up jumping through hoops making it work for what we need. Would love to have an Apple but I am not willing to come off that type of money for the way we use it.

Can anyone help me with any of the following questions please and THANK you!!

1) What is bigger/better....mgh,tb,gb?

2) What is a good amount for a CPU?

3) What is a good amount for the harddrive?

4) Things we use the computer most for are pictures, games, homework, adobe, microsoft reader, music and videos. Are there certain things that I need for this so that the computer is not slower than all get out?

5) What type of virus protection do you like? I do NOT want to end up with Mcafee....it does not work well with my service provider and is a headache.

I really think I want to get another desktop. I am on a laptop now and HATE it. It doesnt seem to have the power that my desktop had but maybe its because I am just clueless. The screen went out on it so I am sitting here with it hooked up to the desktop screen. lol

Joined: 2009-08-07
It's like this..

Buy a refurbished Mac, cheaper and reliable..

1) smaller to bigger Mb, Gb, Tb
2) The bigger the better
3) Depends on how much you want to store. 160gb is what most put on the new computers.
4) Buy a Mac..
5) Don't really need one with a mac, Norton for mac is about what you need. I am still looking for a good one for my PC as well. One of the top brands, Trend Micro left us with Trojans we didn't need lol

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