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Funeral plans

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Joined: 2009-09-10

Stuart will be cremated in a day or so. His ashes will be at Stewart and Carroll Funeral Home. Address is 303 E. Wood Street Paris, Il 61944. The service will most likely be on Friday coming. If anyone even the bosses of TOFA would like to send flowers, it will be fine. Once again on the behalf of Kirsten, Craig and myself, I thank you for everything. Emily

Joined: 2009-08-07
Heartfelt Prayers

Dear Emily and family,
I know how you are feeling, we recently lost my wife's Mum. I hope and pray that with God's help and the prayers of your friends you will eventually come to terms with your loss. We are having a few words put on Mum's memorial Stone and I thought they might bring you comfort.
'God has you in his keeping,
We have you in our hearts.'
This says it all, I will remember you and yours in my prayers and thoughts. Godbless you and keep you all safe and be a support to each other.

Joined: 2009-09-10
Sniff Sniff

Oh Colin. You made me cry:). Love, Emily

Joined: 2009-09-10
Update on funeral

Viewing will be at 2pm on Friday and funeral at 3pm. 21 gun salute will be held outside of funeral home and Stu will be buried in Edgar cemetery with his follow vets that he buried himself. I will be leaving Tampa on Tuesday. Love you all. Emily(Missy)

Joined: 2009-08-06

Hang in there Emily, and pass that along to Kirsten and Craig and the rest of the family too.
Lovely to talk with you this afternoon, just wish that it could been a better reason for the call.


Joined: 2010-01-16

I have been away heard the news the lord got one heck of a fire fighter god bless daveny now daveffny

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