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Half-remembered TOFA story from my youth

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Joined: 2012-09-10

I'm looking for a half-remembered story I could *swear* was from a Farmer's Almanac when I was younger, late 1970s-1980s. Here is what I remember, but it may differ from the real thing:

A frontier family is outside their farmhouse. People are either just arriving or just leaving, and there is a wagon or carriage present. The father descends from the wagon but just... vanishes. No one sees where he went, and indeed there is nowhere he *could* have gone. They hear a faint voice calling out in the vicinity of where he went missing, but no amount of searching can locate him. The voice calls out over the next few days, getting fainter and fainter, until it disappears altogether.

Can anyone remember this story, or help me narrow down the issue of Farmer's Almanac it's from (if indeed it is from TOFA)?

The disappearing farmer story

Check this possible source:

It is possible that some version of the "original" appeared in several magazines during the 1950s. Maybe that's where you first saw it.

Joined: 2012-09-10
The disappearing farmer story

This is exactly it -- thank you so much! It's funny what sticks in one's memory.

Eric Rock
Storytellers using TOFA source material

Have you ever compiled a list of storytellers that specialize or craft many of their stories using Almanac source material? I know to check with storytelling associations.

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