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History Milestone -- Hudson & Half Moon

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This year is the Quadricentennial on Henry Hudson's exploration of the Hudson River in the Half Moon, and yesterday was the anniversary of the start of his expedition upstream.
On September 12, 1609, Hudson began his exploration of the river. The first night he anchored off the northern tip of Manhattan. The next night, after the crew traded for oysters with Native Americans, the ship was near Yonkers.

On September 14 Hudson thought he may have found the long-sought passage when he saw the wide Tappan Zee but he later became disappointed when he reached the shallower area near Albany and turned back.

The journal of one of the ship's officers, Robert Juet, was published in England in 1625. It notes, "the 14th, in the morning, being very fair weather, the wind southeast, we sailed up the river 12 leagues ... The river is full of fish."

Document: The Flushing Remonstrance, 1657
Closely examine and read a translation of the Flushing Remonstrance, the precursor to America's Bill of Rights.

In my travels, I've met people I felt very in tune with only to discover that they were Dutch ... an interesting cultural group, much to learn and admire.

Their influence from the "South River" (the Delaware) to "Fort Orange" (Albany) lasts.


--- Redmink, 9/13/09

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Very interesting!

Very interesting!

Joined: 2009-08-07

Glad ya liked it! :)

Good to see that you're feelin' all spunked and full o' beans 'n vinegar

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More New York History

I'm not a huge fan of NYC, but this caught my attention. It can also be titled "Never Know What The Government Is Thinking".

A community not recycled, not torn down ... BURIED.

It's being unearthed by a team of Belgian archaeologists, and the pics are just wild, almost as spooky as diving down and finding towns underwater.


Index of Strange NY Sites

A Tucked Away Mansion, Blink and Miss It!

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