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Musings for the first weekend of fall

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Hi, Everyone,

We have decided to close the Almanac forums.

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Joined: 2010-09-20

In our area it still feels like summer. We usually get our first cold snap on Halloween. Everything is still green here in the heart of Texas. I enjoy our falls and winters.

I always look forward to fall after we have survived our scorcher summers. Thankfully we only had one week of over 100 temps. In August it got to 115d one day! Horrible!! I thank God for my 3 good window units that keep our dusty palace nice and cool. But the electric bills hurts some.. ouchy!

We have slacked back on gardening but we did have 2 of the topsy turvy tomato thingies which are not worth a hoot! They don't have enough soil and the plants just get long and gangly and don't produce much. We got 3 tiny roma tomatoes and a couple of jalapenos.. lol. Oh well nnext time I'll plant some tomato plants in a big pot. Live and learn.

Have a nice first weekend of fall wherever you are!
Belinda & Kin

Joined: 2009-09-04

We planted some Roma tomatoes in two large pots on the back deck. We got about 8-12 tomatoes total. We could have bought them cheaper at the store. They got east morning sun, maybe too much afternoon shade.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Tomatoes Oh dear Oh dear

Now folk there are two basic ways to grow tomatoes. The clever way or the wise way.
The clever way is to get the books out and study what is best for your area, contact gardeners in your area and find out how they grow theirs. Then amalgamate it all together and prepare your site and you will grow the best tomatoes possible.
Now the wise way is to go to the clever gardener and tell him that you just can't grow tomatoes and he will say 'What a shame, I have lots, here take these I have plenty'
So the clever way gets tomatoes with much labour whereas the wise way gets tomatoes with very little effort.

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