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Ninety Eight Today

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Joined: 2009-08-07

My dear old boy Chance is 14 human years old today, that's 98 Doggy years. He is still doing OK, we had him at the Vets on Thursday and was told Chance is in fine fettle, so he aught to be he lives the life of a god. This morning he got a bit fed up waiting for his birthday cake so he first ate all the dried fruit I put down for the birds then ate all the white and wholemeal bread I put out for the birds. Reckon he was making his own Bread Pudding. He still likes his game, a little squeeeeeeeky pig is his favourite. And of course he and me like our daily stagger. We both are shhattered by the time we get home. But he really is a fantastic pal. We love him to bits. God knows what will happen when it is time for him to head towards the Rainbow Bridge. Mind you way I feel at the moment I might be there to welcome him. Only thing keeps me going is that the Sun Always Rises and Spring is just around the corner.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Happy Birthday Chance!

WOW, 14/98, what a life he's been living!!!

It's a help to have those daily "staggers", although going to fast makes you miss too much.

What do you mean Squeaky Pig is his favorite! What happened to Mr. Chicken?

Don't worry about the future, today is all we have ... Party ON :party: :crown: :party:

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