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Skunk Smell Eradication

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From another thread, Alphabitch wrote:

skunk smell eradication formula

I can't BELIEVE it but I have successfully managed to lose the Almanac's formula to get rid of skunk scent on an animal. I remember some of the ingredients but not proportions. Hydrogen Peroxide, dish liquid ???? Can anyone give me this formula-again?

PJ wrote:

Choose skunk odor remover that will help you get rid of the skunk smell on your dog. Since your must act fast when a skunk strikes, it’s nice to have everything you need on hand. The following solution has worked for many people and is a favorite among home remedies: mix 1 qt. of 3% hydrogen peroxide, ¼ to ½ cups baking soda and 1 – 2 tsp. dish soap. (It’s important not to store this in a closed container since the mixture of these ingredients creates pressure and could burst.) Another thing to keep in mind is the bleaching effect hydrogen peroxide could have on your dog’s coat. If this is a concern, try substituting vinegar for the peroxide.

Redmink wrote:

Tomato Juice
My collie stuck her beautiful long nose into the tall grasses and ZAP, the skunk got her! Somehow she got her eyes closed in time.

Tomato juice worked very well, although it makes for a second bath.

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The formula that she is

The formula that she is looking for, has been forwarded to The Editors of This Almanac,

I think that the formula that I gave her is close, from the internet.

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One of our readers submitted

One of our readers submitted this odor remedy given to him by his veterinarian:
1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
1/4 cup of Baking Soda.
1 teaspoon of liquid soap.
The soap breaks up the oils in the skunk spray and allows the other ingredients in the solution to do their job. The solution should be rinsed off the pet with tap water.
We hope that this works for you! --Your Almanac editors

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Another reason

to do this outside is that the pet will stink like a skunk! :-)

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Bill, that should be the main reason. :bigsmile:

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