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St David's Day

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Tomorrow 1st March is St David's Day.St David is the Patron Saint of Wales. Every Welshman (including me) will be wearing a leek and evry welsh girl will be wearing a Daffodil.
Tell me what is the Patron Saint of US of A. If you have not got one any suggestions to who it might be.
St George, St Andrew and St Patrick are all taken but there are plenty to pick from.
Still dreaming lots and digging not at all

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Yes, its the Virgin Mary

To be clear, officially speaking, the United States does not have a "patron saint" -- that is, we have no Catholic saint who has been endorsed as a "patron" by the government, for the simple reason that we have no official religion. The view that the Mary is the patron saint of the U.S. can be held only by devout American Catholics -- and entirely unofficially.

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Whoa there my girl.

It don't matter if you are catholic, hindu, muslim or any other religion. The patron Saint is for the country. If your welsh your welsh, and if your an american you're are an american religion, class or creed don't come into it. How's about St. Francis the patron Saint of animals. Or St Christopher patron Saint of Travellers.
Religion is of no question when picking a patron Saint.
The Sun's out and spring is a coming.

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Happy St. David's Day

Happy St. David's Day. Thanks for the information on St. David, as I was unaware about this Day. We don't have an official Patron Saint in the US. I have Irish Roots and celebrate St. Patrick's Day, along with many other Irish people on March 17. I do genealogy on my family and have many Celtic connections and perhaps even Wales!

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