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stone in a lake

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Joined: 2009-08-07

When you toss a stone in a lake the ripples travel far beyond the size of the stone.
Well recently Debs said cheerio to Shadow and I heard for the first time about the 'Rainbow Bridge'. I thought it a beautiful and compassionate idea.
I have just sent a card to someone who has lost a fur pet and in it I told them their pet had gone over the 'Rainbow Bridge' they have said it gave great comfort. So the ripples from Shadow have reached England and will go furthur yet I am sure.
Thank you Debs for the stone.

Joined: 2010-05-12

My 10 y.o. male weinheimer/pit mix crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 23rd this year. He had lymphatic cancer and is sorely missed each and every day! I have a 19 month old female boxer who is a handfull, but keeps my focus in many special ways! Thank God for her!

Joined: 2009-09-04
Pets are very special

in our lives, I know I have a wonderful connection to the kitty I have now & all the assortment of pets I have had in the past. They don't want anything from us except love & companionship, & they fill our lives with joy & happiness.

Joined: 2009-08-07
All True

Thank you everyone for stopping and saying so.

The other day I saw one of the neighborhood strays not looking very well at all, so called Operation Sanctuary to see if we can catch this little guy.

This organization even captures the really wild feral cats, and if they are resistant to domestication, they have non-working farms in PA whose owners will take them in and provide food and water and vet care while the feral cats just live out their lives in peace.

Very comforting to find out.

Now if we can just catch this B&W long hair, I'll have had a good day.

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