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Joined: 2009-09-10

Today is a very sad day. Not only for the friends here in TOFA, but for the Brandt family as well. As some of you may have known, Stu was having some health issues in the past few years. It saddens me deeply that I have to tell all of you that I lost a brother this week. I left a message on his cell this week and he never called back. Today, I called Kirsten at work and after calling around, she called the police and they found him. I don't have all the details of when Stu passed away or how. When I do I will let you know and if you want to donate money to Amvets or any one who Stu was involved with, we would be most grateful. I lost a friend and a brother who I love very much. I'm so sorry to have to write this. :(

Thank you so much for being part of his life as he was in yours. Emily

Joined: 2009-09-18
Lost a dear friend....

Thanks, Missy, for posting this. Stu was not only a dear friend to me but to many here at the TOFA site and to hundreds more, wherever he went. He was such a great person, thinking a lot about others and not much about himself.

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. And thanks for calling me to let me know.

There's not much else I can say except that words don't help much right now, but just know that lots of prayers and good thoughts will be going out to you, Kirsten, Craig and Lydia.

Stu is going to be missed by a lot of people.


Joined: 2009-09-04
Missy so sorry to hear about

Missy so sorry to hear about Stu, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family at this time. So sad.

Joyce D

Joined: 2009-08-07
I am shocked and saddened.

Stuie was a great guy, I am blessed to have met him. My prayers go out for him and to the family. My sympathies to you Emily and your family.

Joined: 2009-08-17
Dear Emily, I JUST got the e

Dear Emily,
I JUST got the e mail from Kristen. THis has to be such a terrible shock for all of you. I am so terribly sad and shocked. Please know that my htoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Iposted the mesage on the Garden Forum.


Joined: 2009-09-04
Great Loss

I think I started bantering with Stuie on this forum back in 1997. I never met him in person but had great fun with him here. It is a great loss for all who knew him. This forum will not be the same without him. The world has lost a good man.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Just got the e-mail...

Oh Emily, I'm so sorry to hear about Stuie! My thoughts and prayers are going out to you, and all of your family. Stuie was a wonderful man, and will be greatly missed by us all!

Joined: 2009-09-11
Stuie was a dear man, and he

Stuie was a dear man, and he will be missed. I was lucky enough to meet him face to face a few months ago, along with TxAnn, and he was just adorable. He invested a lot of himself in other people and had a kind heart as big as Texas. I'm just so grateful that I had a chance to meet him. If you've been hugged by Stuie, you have been well and truly hugged.

Joined: 2009-09-04
I am so very sad & sorry for

I am so very sad & sorry for your loss. My thoughts & prayers to you & your family Emily.

Joined: 2009-08-11
Words can not express

the heartfelt sympathy that goes out to the Brandt family. I am at a loss for words. I have had the pleasure of meeting Stuie a time or two. What a guy. The world will be a sadder place without his effervescent person.

With Deepest Sympathy.
Elsie in Ohio ./.

Joined: 2009-10-11

Sorry to hear about Stuie.

Joined: 2009-09-10
As I sit here

I've read what you all have posted. I have found this so mind blowing and as much as this hurts and will for a long long time, it makes me so happy to know how much Stu loved and still loves you all. I knew he reached out to a lot of people, but none so wide and far as this. Cindi is so right. When you were hugged by Stu you were given one big Stuie hug. Much love to all of you. Emily(Missy)

Joined: 2009-08-07

It was a pleasure and an honor to meet Stuie. Although our meting was only for a short couple of hours, I feel like we were old friends. I don't smoke cigars much anymore since I started pipe smoking, but after work today I'll have a stogie in his honor.

Rest in peace me ol' china. :-(

Joined: 2009-08-07
I just checked me email....

I just checked my email and had several messages telling me of Stuie's passing.
My heart goes out to you Emily and the rest of his family and friends.

He was a great fellow with a huge heart! He will be greatly missed by so many. I will miss hearing of his latest escapades. He had a way of making most anything funny.

RIP Stuie

Joined: 2009-10-14
Goodbye Stuie

Any time a person goes out of his way to meet me and my family, he's special in my book. He was here, he ate Tater Tot Casserole with us. I have a picture, which I shall treasure.

Rest in peace, Stuie.

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