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Translation required please

Our Forums Have Closed

Hi, Everyone,

We have decided to close the Almanac forums.

The good news: Now you have the ability to comment on the www.Almanac.com Web site pages!

The Web site has grown tremendously, with 12 million readers every month. You'll find folks who are weather watchers, gardening enthusiasts, stargazers, and more. Find advice, get answers to questions, and share your experiences.

Find the Almanac here, too!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all those who have participated in and looked after the forums over the years!

The Old Farmer's Almanac

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Joined: 2009-08-07

What has happened now.
What's a sticky.
What's a hot thread.
Is there a cold thread.
Or is it just yet another attempt to make me realise I am just not on the right planet.
Spring is only a few weeks away, you see my glass is always half full.

Joined: 2009-09-04
My guess

It looks like TOFA has changed the forum software again in response to some of our complaints. Let's see how it works out. As far as the new terminology, here are my guesses:

Sticky threads have been here before. They stay (or stick) at the top of the list and do not go away. They are used for threads the mods think are important enough for everyone to see all the time.

I'm guessing that hot threads are getting many hits and updates and cold threads are not. I think these names are just labels to give you more information about a particular thread.

Maybe the mods know more.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Bill Z. Is Spot ON

Good work on the "guesses", you are right.

Is it an IMPROVEMENT? We'll see!!

How cute, my Signature Pic shows up ... aaawww!

Joined: 2009-08-11



Joined: 2009-08-07
Elsie, What Kind Is He/She?

I love your pic, seems like a real character! Male or female? What breed?

Larry wants to get some critters and I suggested a PotBelly pig, they're people lovers and pretty intelligent.

We're getting your snow tonite, so time to go pick up a few supplies.

I see you're still having trouble with your keyboard, did you happen to see my post on washing it?

Talk to ya later ...

Joined: 2009-08-11
my ole hubbie

poured coffee on the old one.
gotta love a caffeinated man!!!!!!!!!!!
no problem though.
it all comes out good.
made typing a real creative thing when you did not have an "s" or a "w".

elsie in ohio

Joined: 2009-08-07
Glad to Hear It

Life's Little Burps!!

Joined: 2009-08-11
Arnold the Spider Pig

as named by by grandson.........
We just call him Arnold.
He is a pot belly pig.
He is a rescue from Cincinnati SPCA.
He is something else and a brat.
He is an outside pig, lives with the chickens and ducks. Has been to school with my daughter who is going to a vet tech school. That was fun. Has been to the vet for his knees . they had to sedate him for an x-ray. That was fun. He is about 170 lbs now and comes up to my knees. He can push you with his snout if he chooses to but likes to chase my daughter around. That is so funny to watch. Daughter doesn't see the humor though.

Elsie ./.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Quite A Character

And I think he's cute too! Although I'm sure he prefers "handsome".

Glad to hear that you rescued him ... all mine are recues too.

And I've read more than one story where Potbelly pigs have rescued their owners from burning homes, one led the fireman to his!!

Joined: 2009-08-06
Billy Z

There are NO Moderators as such anymore, though we do have the ability to report things as they come up, we are not empowered to do anything about them.

We are, however, actively pursuing a better forum style for everybody, working out the kinks in this one, which is better than a couple of months ago ...

YB is the most active in the tech department of the requests though, we others just put in what we can from the feedback that we get.

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