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Joined: 2009-08-07

Our holiday season was Crazzzy!

First starting with Thanksgiving, our son on his way home from Asheville hit a deer approx 50 miles from home. He was able to drive the car on in to our house where the next day we took it to a repair shop. Thats when we then found our insurance did not have a rider on it to pay for a rental car while his car was being repaired. So we rented one for him to get home.

Then 9 days before Christmas our Christmas tree fell over breaking lots of balls and sending water everywhere...what a mess! I didn't even bother putting the bulbs back on that fell off. Surprisingly the darn thing once righted still looked pretty good.

Next up was our trip to the inlaws the weekend before Christmas. Driving down the interstate the steering wheel began to vibrate. We pulled off only to discover the tread on the back left tire was coming off. We put the spare on made it on in to Raleigh. If anyone knows anything about Raleigh you don't want to go anywhere near Crabtree Valley mall during the busiest shopping weekend of the year, but that is exactly where we ended up. Traffic was terrible and finding no other place open on Sunday to buy a tire we ended up at place called Just Tires. We bought a tire and preceded on to the inlaws. After much revelry, food and fun we loaded up to come home only to find the brand new tire---FLAT! Put air in it and went back to Just Tires to find they had closed early. Sooo we stopped at every exit to put air in it. What a journey!

But wait..the craziness didn't stop there. Remember the son in Asheville? Well now he needs to get back home for Christmas and to pick up his car. The girlfriend says no problem I'll drive him down..an hour out ...her car breaks down!! It's now Christmas Eve and if you've ever tried to rent car on a major holiday, well hold on to your hat! You are going to pay out the waazooo. We paid $166.00 for a one day rental to get them home.

After all of that I thoroughly enjoyed having all the kids home and the time we spent together. Bittersweet because next year they may not be able to get home at the same time. My 2 oldest are taking jobs in Minnesota and Texas.

And if you are wondering about the car.. the place that repaired his car did a great job. Whew!

Joined: 2009-08-07
Wow.. 2010 was not to nice to you eh

Hope 2011 fairs better..
Hang in there, God does not trial us with anything he knows we can't handle.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Good Grief!

And good to hear that a good time (eventually) was had by all. :)

Best Fortune in 2011 :exmark:

Joined: 2009-08-07
WOW! What a time you all

WOW! What a time you all had! But, on the positive side (Yeah, I know, I always have to find something positive out of everything!) it DID make you sincerely appreciate the time you had together all the more...AND it'll give you something to laugh at in years to come! :D
Be grateful that your son was not hurt, that the steering wheel vibrated before the tire blew which could have caused far more trouble, and grateful that there was a tire place open and car rental open, and money available to take care of it :D No matter what "problems" arise, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful of as a result.
Cherish those times with the kids and parents...they are worth everything!

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