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Yesterday's Nor'Easter ... wow

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Joined: 2009-08-07

The storm here yesterday was awesome!!

Poor cats were all spooked out by the wind ... and so was I. Shingles off the roof, birdfeeders doing a 180 swing and crashing to the ground, a 3-foot high 6-foot long plant shelf supported on 40 pounds of cement blocks went crashing down ... somehow it missed crushing the decorative driftwood and seashells!

The closest weather station reported NE winds at 17 to 24, BUT it's a bit more protected. I'm in a valley that runs SW to NE so it was a perfect channel.

We definitely had winds that were 45 to 55, 9 on the Beaufort scale!!

So the thunder and lightning a mile away and getting closer this morning was hardly worth getting excited about.

I usually chase squirrels away from the feeders, but this morning there was a little guy SO bedraggled ... I just let him get what he could.

Sara, Oskar and Miri cats were plastered to the window, tails a-twitchin' :exmark:

~~ Redmink, 03/14/10

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