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Are Horoscopes True?

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The medium reads the position of the planets, the sun, the moon, and the stars in order to tell you what is about to develop in your life. This can tell you if it is a bad time to enter into a relationship, or if a relationship you are in is about to change. They can also predict when you should refrain from making huge financial decisions and when you should stay at home and rest. These predictions can cover your health, your prosperity, your friendships, your love life, and every other aspect of your life. They can even predict if you are about to take a trip or if you should cancel a trip you had planned.

Original use of the Stars


Best to start here...

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Horoscopes are made so that they can apply to anyone. If you read the horoscope in the morning, then you will know what kind of day you are supposed to have, making it more likely to happen that way. If you read it at night, you can still fit it to your day. Horoscopes aren't necessarily true, but some people run their days by them, making them true.

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Great astrology activity you

Great astrology activity you have included in your post,
Thank you

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Horoscopes are true because

Horoscopes are true because they are analyzed on the best possible natural research, the research that had been done millions year ago, like some persons will tell what is the time in night just watching their shadow in under moon.

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Who or where can I find these true horoscopes?

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