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Best day for surgery

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Joined: 2012-07-23
Foot reconstructive surgery

I am plannaanning to have surgery on both feet this fall. Naturally, I don't want to have it when the sign is in Pices--the feet. I don't have an Almanac. When in September and October will the sign be the
feet, (Pices) so I can avoid these dates?
Thank you for your help.

Knee replacement

I knee to have knee replacement in September or October. Can someone tell me what dates are good for this surgery? Thank you very much.

Surgery Dates

For those asking about dates, I will spend time tomorrow evening answering your posts.

Joined: 2015-01-16
My surgury...

My date is scheduled just less than twi weeks.
On 1/27.. For bariatric sleeve surgury.. My DOB is 9/3/60
do let me know if possible how i can determine if this is
Best date. Thanks

Kelly Harper
Best date for my surgery

My birthday is 09/03/1960 and my scheduled date for surgery stomach is 1/27 next Tuesdaty! Please advise asap! Thanks

Answer to wward's post

Hi, wward. When I look at elective surgery dates, I usually have the person's birth info as well as the location and estimated time for the surgery because that all provides the best possible information. So this advice is fairly general. However, August 21st looks like a very good day for knee surgery. It's within 5 days of the new moon, which is good for healing. There’s no void-of-course moon, no retrogrades to worry about, and the moon will be in Libra, which is fine for knee work. It would be even better to have the surgery on August 22nd as the moon will have moved in to Scorpio and will be conjunct Mars in the morning hours. But the 21st should work just fine. Good luck!

Answer to Hennypenny01's post

Hi, Hennypenny01. The moon will be in Pisces September 27th – 29th and October 24th – 26th. You’ll also want to avoid scheduling within 5 days of the full moon if at all possible, which will include the days of September 25th – October 5th and October 24th – November 3rd. Good luck!

Answer to Happykay's post

Hi, Happykay. This is general advice without knowing your own birth data. When looking for surgery dates, I first ruled out any days when the Moon is in Capricorn as that sign rules the knees. Then I ruled out anything after October 19th because Mercury will be in the pre-retrograde phase at that time. These are the best dates I found, in order of preference:
Sep 19 – Moon in Scorpio
Oct 16 – Moon in Scorpio
Oct 17 – Moon in Scorpio
Sep 17 – Moon in Libra
Oct 10 – Moon in Leo
Oct 11 – Moon in Virgo
Sep 12 – Moon in Leo
Sep 13 – Moon in Leo

Good luck!

To JupiterGirl

Thank you so much for your answer. Could you possibly give me the best days in November and December also, You don't know how much I appreciate this.

To Jupiter Girl

By the way, my date of birth is 6-15-50. Thank you again.

Reply ot Happykay

Hi, Happykay. I'm happy to look at November and December dates and to incorporate your birthdate. Just so you know, almost all of November has Mercury retrograde, which is something to avoid if possible. Also, the late phase of October has the pre-retrograde and early December has post-retrograde, although those times are preferable to the actual retrograde phase. Do you live someplace that celebrates December holidays? That could also cut out the last half of December.

I will try to look at your dates tomorrow night, but may not be able to get to them until this weekend as I'm going out of town on Wednesday. So if you can't wait until the weekend, please let me know and I'll be sure to work on the dates tomorrow night. Thanks!

To JupiterGirl

Thank you for your response. You won't need to take the time to look up dates for me in November and December. I went ahead and scheduled my surgery for September. I cannot express enough the gratitude to you for helping me with this decision. I hope you will always be checking this page! I plan on doing my other knee in January or February. Thank you again!

knee surgery

my birthday is 6.7.52 I need to schedule surgery on my right knee as soon after Aug. 25 as possible what are my best date choices? thanks

Reply to Towmom

Hi, Twomom. The full moon is on August 31st, so the best time for a surgery would be after September 5th. Your post indicates this is an emergency that cannot wait until then, so I looked at August dates for you. I did this with the assumption that you are in the US, so if you are not then please let me know as that would really change things.

First, the moon is in Capricorn on August 27th and 28th, and Capricorn rules the knees so those are the least desirable days. August 28th before 12:38pm CST is the least advisable time. I would also avoid August 31st, the day of the full moon, if possible.

August 29th all day is the best option of the remaining days in August.

August 30th before 12:30pm CST is the second best option in August.

I will check this thread over the weekend, so let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

Reply to Happykay

Hi, Happykay. I'm glad you are scheduled. September is a good choice based on your own chart because you will have just started a transit with Jupiter sextile Pluto. It's a transformative and regenerative transit, which goes well with surgery. That transit will stick around through the end of April 2013, so it will still be in effect for a second surgery early next year. You have two other Jupiter transits happening until April 2013 as well, and both are optimal times for rest and self-reflection, which will be good for recuperation. Additionally, you have Sun conjunct Moon in your natal chart, which gives a lot of overall vitality that is helpful for any transition.

I will continue to check the thread. Best wishes for September!

surgery dates

I am having eye surgery either in september 2012 or october and must be done on a tuesday
my birthday is 7-6-38
what is the best day?\please and thank you


my surgery is now set at september 11 at around 730 am is this ok?


my surgery is now set at september 11 at around 730 am is this ok?

Reply to Deja

Hello, Deja. September 11th is within 5 days of the new moon, which is good as it gives less of a chance of swelling. The moon will be in Cancer, which is the sign of your Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, node, and Chiron. Cancer does not rule the eyes (the body part being operated on), so that is good. There are a lot of good aspects about this date and your surgery will no doubt be finished by 5:58pm CST, so everything should be fine. Good luck!

eye surgery continued

Thank you very much for the info.
HOWEVER now I need to reschedule to mid or late october
and must be on a tuesday early am
any dates you have i will cherish. ty
july 6 1938

Reply to Deja

Hello, Deja. I should be able to look at dates and post back to you over the weekend, possibly tomorrow.

Reply to Deja

Hello, Deja. I apologize for taking so long, but I was finally able to check the October dates for a Tuesday morning eye surgery. The date I recommend most is October 23rd, at any time. The second best date would be October 9th after 8:55am CST. October 16th would be okay after 11:30am CST, but I don't know that you could schedule an afternoon surgery. I don't recommend October 30th as the full moon is on October 29th, and it's best to avoid any surgery with 5 days prior or after a full moon. Good luck!

knee surgery

I need to have knee replacement....dates I have been given are 11/7,11/9, 11/14, 11/16......birthdate...2/24/50
which might be most auspicioous?

Reply to Metta

Hello, Metta. I will check your dates as well and post them over this weekend.

Reply to Metta

Hi, Metta. Mercury is retrograde for almost all of November, which is something to generally avoid. However, surgery can't always wait, and also doctors and insurance companies cannot wait either.

The best date out of your options is November 9th. The second best date is November 14th.

I don't recommend November 7th because the moon goes void-of-course that day in the morning. Void-of-course causes quirks and delays, etc. and with Mercury already in retrograde it's especially not recommended.

I recommend that you absolutely avoid November 16th as the moon will be in Capricorn, the sign that rules the knees, on that date.

One additional thing is to be sure to take plenty of time to recuperate post-surgery. You have some current transits in your chart that bring exhaustion and over-extension combined with a sense of restlessness. Don't push yourself too much too quickly, especially from mid-September through next spring.

Good luck!

Capricorn 1
Nose/Nasal Sugery

Having surgery on August 30, 2012 for Nose/Nasal my birthdate is 12/27/1953. Is this a good day?

Reply to Capricorn

Hi, Capricorn. August 30th is the day before the full moon, and one generally wants to not have surgery within 5 days of a full moon to cut down chances of swelling and bleeding. That being said, Mars will be conjunct your Mars, and in Scorpio which is the sign of the surgeon. This is extremely beneficial. The moon will be in Aquarius, which does not rule the nose, and that is good as well. It looks like as long as the surgery is finished by 12:30pm CST, then August 30th will be fine for you. Good luck!

Late replies

I'm so sorry Deja and Metta. Some things came up over the past few days and I wasn't able to look at surgery dates. I will devote time to this tomorrow for certain!

Scheduled lower back surgery date

I am scheduled for spinal stenosis surgery on the lover back (L4-5) on Nov. 7, 2012, the second day of retrograde. I am an Aries, dob 4/5/33; surgery will be in Lebanon, NH in the morning. Should I go ahead, or postpone until January 2013?

Reply to Aries

Hi, Aries. I personally do not recommend back surgery when the moon is in Gemini (nervous system), Leo (upper back) or Libra (lower back). The moon will be in Leo on November 7th, and it will be void-of-course after 10:27am EST.

You do have retrograde Mercury in your own chart, which means that Mercury retrograde transits do not usually affect you as adversely as those born with a direct or stationary Mercury. If you decide to keep your surgery date, I advise making sure that all paperwork is completed and all preparations are made well in advance to help mitigate some of the retrograde and void-of-course effects.

I'm not comfortable with telling someone to postpone any surgery by two months since that is such a large time period. And since I'm not your doctor, I can't advise on if waiting would have any impact. If you and your doctor decide that January 2013 would be a good option and that waiting would not be harmful, I would be happy to look at those dates for you.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Good luck!

Knee Surgery

Hello, my dad is planning on having knee surgery in Jan 2013 hopefully in the beginning of the month..can you help me with dates? 9-30-58 is his birthdate. my email address is mandyrichardson@yahoo.com thanks!

Joined: 2012-09-06
Response to Mandy

Hello, Mandy. The most beneficial date is Tuesday, January 8th. Tuesday, January 15th would also be good as would Thursday, January 17th, and Friday, January 18th. Wednesday, January 16th is good after 10:07am CST.

I recommend avoiding January 7th, 10th, 11th, and 14th if possible. I also recommend avoiding the 21st onward because of the full moon on the 26th.

Your dad has a Jupiter transit trine his sun until the beginning of March 2013. This is a tremendously lucky time and very helpful in health matters (although it often brings weight gain!), so January or February 2013 will a good time for him to have a surgery.

Good luck!

Joined: 2012-09-06
I moved to a new thread

I posted in this thread earlier as JupiterGirl. I've now registered under a slightly different name and have created a separate thread where people can ask me specifically about recommended surgery dates ("Ask Jupiter"). If you have any follow-up questions from this thread, please post them in my new thread so I will be sure to see them.

Nancy Blackwell
surgery on the forehead

I have a growth on my forehead and it is making a hole and my head doctor wants to remove it ASAP. I can not do it until I know the sign is in the feet or knees. I have tried to buy a almanac and stores carry just a few books. Please let me know I need it done. Thank You, Nancy

Joined: 2012-10-06
knee replacement surgery

I have not figured out how to use the almanac calendar yet. Could someone tell me when the best time for knee replacement surgery would be in november or december of 2012

Deborah Hamilton
Having teeth pulled for permenate dentures.

Wanting to know if nov is a good month for having my teeth pulled for dentures.



Dianna L Montgomery
colon blockage & hemtoidictomy when?

I live in Fl, bd: 8/13/49. I'm sceduled 10/24/12 should I change it to after 11/5?

Thyroid surgery

What is the best day for thyroid surgery between Oct 17 and Nov 1,2, 5, 6, 7. My birthday is Oct 27,1972

knee replacement

hello everyone. i'm so glad i found ya'll. an older man i called to discuss how his knee replacement went told me it was very important to ensure the right moon sign was in place prior to my surgery date. i am completely clueless here but since i've had VERY SERIOUS and near-deadly bad luck w/surgeries in the past, i figured i'd better figure it out STAT.
i was born in EST on april 28th, 1969.
my knee replacement surgery is scheduled for november 28th. i had to schedule it for after the black friday sales so i can christmas shop for our 3 small kids.
i don't know what my surgeon's schedule is for december but i can ask if the set date isn't good.
in advance, thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post.
i had a brain aneurysm last november so even trying to figure out simple things scrambles my brain.


my email is voodoo5769@gmail.com in case i don't receive replies via this site.
thanks again!!

Lisa Hernandez
Hysteretomy-scar tissue removal

I need to have a a hysterectomy and scar tissue removed from a previous partial and 2 C sections. I will meet with my surgeon the 15th so I think I have a month to choose from.This will be major for me so it isnt laproscopic it will be open so I want to heal well. my Bdate 11-10-75 Anyone please just let me know....

Dianna L Montgomery
colon blockage & hemtoidictomy when?

It will take most of Nov to get clearance from heart Dr., l need a stress test/echo before end of month. I see heart Dr 11-12. I'm in Fl. My BD is 8-13-49. I see a general surgeon 11-20. I my have scheduled between 11-20 & 12-20. When is best for 2colon surgerys. 1blockage &1 for opening hemroids on blood vesels to be closed with staples. I want to get blockage first because I think the colon opening will take quite a while to heal, delaying the most important surrgery. I am dealing with 2 different surgeons.

Dianna L Montgomery
colon blockage & hemtoidictomy when?

It will take most of Nov to get clearance from heart Dr., l need a stress test/echo before end of month. I see heart Dr 11-12. I'm in Fl. My BD is 8-13-49. I see a general surgeon 11-20. I my have scheduled between 11-20 & 12-20. When is best for 2colon surgerys. 1blockage &1 for opening hemroids on blood vesels to be closed with staples. I want to get blockage first because I think the colon opening will take quite a while to heal, delaying the most important surrgery. I am dealing with 2 different surgeons.

Dental Surgery

I have to get Dental Surgery and need to know what day is better. This is when the surgeon is available:


I had a root canal that went bad in June and I have a feeling I did not have it done on the right day and want to make sure I am more careful picking a day this time. Any advise would help. Thanks so much, Donna

Bone grafting and total shoulder replacement

Have appointment with orthopedic surgeon march 29th 2013 to schedule total shoulder replacement and bone grafting have had replacement done 8 yrs ago and did well but have had different surgeries in the past and have had nothing but trouble my birthdate is 2-9-1958. Could you please tell me when is the best time to have this surgery. Thank you so much and God bless

Jeanne Pamplin
knee replacement surgery

I need knee replacememt surgery. When would
the sign be right in May or June 2013?
My birthdate is 01/06/32

John Hayter
Cardiac surgery

Is 18 February 2013 a good day for cardiac surgery?

Joined: 2013-02-15
lower right eye lid reconstruction

I am planning lower right eye lid reconstruction (will be the 4th time). June the 3rd is the date for surgery, it will be performed in Miami Florida. I live in Caracas venezuela and was born on december the 14th 1963 here. I much appreciate comments on the chosen date.

Interesting Topic - Never Thought

I never thought of trying to use astrology to find a good time for surgery. Sounds like a couple of people have had great success.

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