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Best day for surgery

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celtic queen
best surgery date for hip April/May 2013

Hi my birthday is July 11, 1966 and needing outpatient hip surgery to repair torn labrum and need to find best date by this Friday March 22, 2013 to give date to surgery scheduler.
If you can, kindly advise best date(s) out of these dates in 2013:
April 30th
May 10th
May 14th
May 17th

all dates would be for early AM (like between 7:30 to 11AM Eastern Standard Time in Michigan).

** I am already scheduled for April 26th but noticed that it is the day after the full moon, and the moon is in Scorpio which is my ascendant sign and I heard this was not good. Also the 26th looks like a void of course moon. thanks anyone with some advice! =D

Howe farmer
Bull calves

What are the best days in April 2013 to have my bull calves castrated without excessive bleeding.

Joined: 2013-04-07
best dates for surgery in the next 2 weeks

Please let me know which dates are best for surgery in next 2 weeks. our 3yr old has to have a spot removed from the side of her foot. thanks

Stephanie Boyd
dental surgery for my daughter

I have to schedule oral surgery to have my daughter's wisdom teeth removed and I wanted to know what were good dates the 1st part of August. My coworker also has scheduled her son's for 7/24/13. Is that a good date.

Anita Molina
Knee replacement surgery

When will be the best dates in September 2013 for my knee replacement surgery and how do you put your sign away from the knee during surgery? my sun sign is Sagittarians my birthdate is 11/25/48. Thank you

Pattie Reinwald
Knee Surgery August, or Sept.

Best times for knee replacement surgery?

Joined: 2009-08-08
My Dad always went with the

My Dad always went with the signs in the feet for surgery.. Below the heart he would say!!!

Joined: 2009-08-08
My Dad always went with the

My Dad always went with the signs in the feet for surgery.. Below the heart he would say!!!

Della Grimes
knee replacement replacement

is Aug. 29, 2013 or Sept. 5, 2013 either a good day for knee replacement replacement surgery. As we will not have the opportunity to do this again because of age, we want to choose the best time to correct our first mistake.

Joined: 2013-08-14
gall bladder

When is the best day to have gall bladder surgery with the least amount of complications or pain afterward?

Brain Tumor Resection Surgery

I am scheduled to have brain surgery on September 6th, 2013 for the removal of a benign brain mass located within the 4th ventricle.

I wanted to know if this is a good date for the surgery?

I need for this to go smoothly. No complications, and as quick of a recovery as I can make! Please help! Is September 6th 2013 really the best day for brain surgery?

Brain Surgery

I have a tumor on the left frontal lobe and need to have surgery soon. On Friday I will need to schedule a surgery date and would like to know if I'm correct on picking Sept 11th, 2013?

Knee Replacement

I need a knee replacement before the end of the year. Surgery is on Fridays only. Is there any ideal Friday in December or November (as a second choice)? My DOB is 6-29-40. I am in Colorado. I prefer a date in December.

Dan Bussell
back surgery

My son David is to have decompression lumbar spine surgery in January 2014. His birthdate is 7/11/72. When in January would be a good date and time of day?

Joined: 2013-02-02
>If you have changes to make

>If you have changes to make like stopping smoking, starting a diet or exercise program, weaning small animals or children, scheduling elective surgery — anything that requires a change — here’s the formula: The moon in the dark phase and the signs are going out of the body, past anything that “functions” so that means thighs, knees, legs and feet — Sagittarius through Pisces.

Finally, we have three days in December perfectly suited, Dec. 29-31 — and the 31st is New Year’s Eve, the time for making changes and resolutions. On these days the moon will be in the dark phase and the sign in Sagittarius (the thighs), one of those signs ruling something that doesn’t function.

It may be hard to schedule elective surgery during that holiday week but that shouldn’t stop you from making changes like those listed above. There’ll me more and more days each month now as we move through winter into spring!

If you don’t want to wait until then, the other option that embraces half the formula is when the signs are going out of the body past anything that functions even though the moon is in the light phase.

That period is Dec, 2-10, Sagittarius (thighs) through Pisces (feet) by way of Capricorn (knees) and Aquarius (legs). Those are nine pretty good days — not perfect because the moon is in the light phase, but certainly the next best thing.

With this being said though the most important thing to do is have faith in God and putting your trust in him always...Thanks

Sydney R
Hysterectomy surgery

When is the best time to have this surgery done? My birth date is 1-2-1962.

I need to have this surgery in the spring. Any help would be appreciated.



Brandi Freeman
tonsils out

My 5 year old is having her tonsils removed 12/20/13. Can you tell me where her signs will be and if this was a good time that I scheduled it?

Joined: 2013-02-02
Dec 13 Aries Ram (Head &

Dec 13 Aries Ram (Head & Face)
Dec 14 Taurus Bull (Neck)
Dec 15 Taurus Bull (Neck)
Dec 16 Gemini Twins (Arms)
Dec 17 Gemini Twins (Arms)
Dec 18 Gemini Twins (Arms)
Dec 19 Cancer Crab (Breast)
Dec 20 Cancer Crab (Breast)
Dec 21 Leo Lion (Heart)
Dec 22 Leo Lion (Heart)
Dec 23 Virgo Virgin (Bowels)
Dec 24 Virgo Virgin (Bowels)
Dec 25 Libra Balance (Reins)
Dec 26 Libra Balance (Reins)
Dec 27 Scorpio Scorpion (Secrets)
Dec 28 Scorpio Scorpion (Secrets)
Dec 29 Sagittarius Archer (Thighs)
Dec 30 Sagittarius Archer (Thighs)
Dec 31 Sagittarius Archer (Thighs)

read info I posted above earlier on this particular subject..The moon will be in the dark phase on 12/20/13 so that's embracing half of the formula..Thanks

Madonna Courtney
knee surgery

I was always told by my mother to have surgery the farthest away from the area you are having surgery done also. I will be having replacement knee surgery scheduled on 2/19/14. Does anyone know where the signs will be on that date. Or another wednesday in February 2014 that will have the sign away from the knees.

Betty Koontz
hip replacement

When in march can I have surgery?

Knee replacement FEB 11th, 2014

please let me know where the sign is on the Feb. 11, 2014

Joined: 2013-02-02
Feb 11 Cancer-Crab-(Breast)

Feb 11 Cancer-Crab-(Breast)

Nellie E
wisdom teeth cut out

What is the best day to have wisdom teeth cut out in March?
Born 4/2/1985

Tennie Jain
Lower back sugery

I have a friend that is needing lower back surgery. When is the bast dated to have this surgery?

Joined: 2014-05-09

My 15 year old daughter needs to have tonsillectomy . the dates we can choose are June 23 - 26 2014

Thank you in Advance

Cheryl Shold
Upper teeth removed

I am scheduled to get my upper teeth remove Monday May 22, 2014 in the afternoon. Around 2:30 - 4. Is this the best possible date for me?
Thank You. My birth date is 10/28/63

Sandi Fidler
Signs for Surgery

My 79 year old mother is going to have both feet amputated. At this time we do not if it will be above or below the knee. Can you tell me when would be the best time to do this surgery (between now and sometime in July 2014)?

Thank you.

jill hrdy
back surgery then hip surgery

I need to have back surgery probably end of july. When is best date to have it?

best day for a shoulder surgery

I need to have a rotator cuff repair and I have other medical problems what day is the best day in August to have surgery?

Annette Hunt
cataract surgery

Friday, August 29
Friday, October 10

Hip replacement surgery

My husband needs a hip replacement in his right hip. What is the best day and time in the Sept, Oct, Nov, to have the surgery? His birthday is 5/5/47, surgery will occur in Norfolk, Va. Thank you so much!


I am having Gastric By-Pass Surgery in October of 2014. When would be the best dates to have the surgery. My grandmother did everything by the Almanac & I wish I would have had her teach me how to read it before she went to heaven. Thanks for any help.

Joined: 2014-04-04
knee replacement

When would be the best day in October or November to have my knee surgery? Must be on a Monday or Wednesday.

Adelle Martin
Oral surgery

My 12 yr old is having surgery in Jan 2015 to remove permanent teeth. His bdate is 5/30/02. Need it when the moon is on the decrease and the signs are in the lower part of the body. Thanks!

two surgeries

My husband is scheduling cataract surgery in February and March 2015. His birthday is 6-1-64. Can you tell me the best Friday if possible.

And my son is scheduling surgery during the same months. His birthday is 6/9/06.


Joined: 2015-01-16
Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

What days this month or next is best day for
This type of procedure. DOB 9/3/60

Sue Byrd
Best Days for Colonoscopy

Iam aries & have colonoscopy set for mar 4, '2015.Im confused on signs. When are best days for colonoscopy to be done? Thanks so much

bunion surgery

I am trying to schedule bunion surgery. My doc is available march 19, the last day the zodiac cycle is in pisces which rules feet. If I wait till the next week, the moon will be 1/4. what should I do?

Sue Byrd
Best Days for Colonoscopy

Does anyone know when best time to have colonoscopy is within THESE MONTHS: MARCH, APRIL 2015?? I have other health problems breathing being one & Iam so nervous. Iam Aries. Any one can hellp me?? Ive studied calendars but dont understand. All stuff on full moon, new moons, retrograde, void moons confuse me. THANKS FOR RESPONDING

Surgery Date

I plan on having a tummy tuck some time this year. Since this is major surgery I am seeking the best date to schedule it. My plastic surgeon does surgery on Wednesdays and Fridays. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy Hartley
Best day for cataract surgery May - June 2015

My 80 year old father whose sign is Aquarius has scheduled cataract surgery for June 26th, 2015. Is this a safe time for him to have this surgery? I know that Mercury is retrograde during that time.

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