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blooms day

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My husbanad started going by the almanac to plant his garden, he is trying to find out when blooms day is.. having trouble finding it can anyone tell me?

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Blooomsday is 16th June 2010
Dublin-New Hampshire will have their first Bloomsday on this day. Posters will be distributed soon around Dublin,Peterborough,and Jaffery
The Schedule for the day will also be distributed.
Here is a small article from Ed Germaine of Dublin NH

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Elderberry Juice

Finding that healthier is better, my spouse and I are planning to make elderberry juice a little later in the summer. Plans are to mix elderberry juice with other juice like grape. Any suggestions out there?


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RE: Mixing

Good for you on your plans!

All the elderberries that were all over the place where I grew up and hardly anyone did anything more than grab a few handfuls during a hike, or make wine out of them.

As for mixing, you may not want to as it may interfere with elderberry benefits.

First, the digestive system uses different enzymes to break down foods so if one enzyme is busy with one type of food, the system doesn't really process other food for its benefits. (It's why meat and potatoes do not mix, like oil and water.)

Second, especially for fruits, it's best to eat acidic fruits together -- and group non-acidic likewise. Do not mix together! If lime juice can "cook" fish in the South American dish called Seviche, then it follows that acidic juice will break down the benefits from non-acidics.

So I'm suggesting that if you really do want to mix elderberry, study up on what it does, and then study up on what other juices are good for so that they don't cancel each other out.

Apple or pear juice might be your best bet, but again, look it up first.

Good luck :)

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Actually Blooms day

Actually Blooms day celebrated on 16 June annually. It is the great day of Dublin because every on has been waiting for the day. Especially it was invented in 1954 by the Irish writer James Joyce. It is also known as a secular holiday. We could see peoples in Dublin, poster about Blooms day, also its celebrated world widely in now-days too, which was just philosophical thing in that time. Also, it was getting famous smoothly day-by-day. Any ways I hope these some information about Blooms day, would be helpful to you.

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