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canadian thistle wipe-out

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Joined: 2012-03-20

If you have never tried to rid your yard or fence lines of canadian thistle,, try the zodiac signs.. Find the calendar that shows what days the sign is n the heart.. on those days cut, plow,tiller or what ever way you can damage the plant on those 2 days,, BELIEVE ME they will not come back the next year.. zodiac signs are very helpful.. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

can thistle

this plant is or can be curative,,,,, use to your advantage, or throw salt, on it on full moon,,,, 2 days b4 n same day n 2 days after,,,,,,,,, nothing willl grow there, if its such a problem if not, let me know what kind of thistle you have,,,,, i may need it, hahahahahaha h o t m a r y l i n @yahoo.com ciao a weeed is just an herb whos advantages are yet to be discovered, find out if its milthistle,,,,, ciao be blessed, happy gardening!
stick in title thistles, and almanac.com othrwise i delete

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