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Capricorn changes

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Joined: 2014-03-10

I have a feeling that all things in my astrological charts/moon/sun ...etc, is changing as far as love goes. I'm a capricorn woman born on January 8th and I have been having such bad luck with men. i seem to choose the wrong guys, in fact, I seem to be magnetically drawn to these men. This cancer who wants nothing more or less than to love me and give me the world. But I chose this idiotic aquarius man who used me for all he could get, then up and left. Now he's trying to come back, and i find myself drawn to him. whats up with this, is my sign trasitioning, someone told me this year capricorns will be having a lot of changes.


This is interesting to read. I am a Capricorn woman as well (Jan. 12th) in a long term relationship with a Cancer. Things have always been steady and great, but I am finding myself intensely drawn to an Aquarius. I did find it strange, as I have known this Aquarius for years, and the allure came on suddenly and seemingly without reason. Hmm...I would like to look into whether this year is said to hold lots of changes...It is taking much of my strength and good judgment to keep these feelings private, I am thinking they will pass soon? Also, in a general way as well, I have felt like I am in the middle of a metamorphosis. Not sure whether good or bad, but definitely intense, intoxicating, irrational and sporadic.

Miss Capricorn
I am a Capricorn ( Jan. 15th

I am a Capricorn ( Jan. 15th ). My current relationship has been holding together by threads. We have seen better days, and I never saw this comming it just happened . I have been in a 13 year relationship with my bestest friend ever, we have two children , boy 15 I and girl 9 . We have disagreements about everything. It's like I woke up and suddenly needed him more wanted him to marry me , (after getting him to understand why I felt like we should wait, trust issues and past relationships ) different from how I was always lived on the edge, spontaneous, open minded, lots of friends, and hobbies. That's what we loved, how we both were so spontaneous independent and confident in our love for one another. Damn now all I feel is insecure lonely , I confident, dependent on where and what he is. . Helpless,

Joined: 2014-02-12

Not trying to be anti-astrological; do you think you have met him before? Does he smell so good you could bottle it for future use? I am Sagittarius and have had this experience this year. I am 34 and have never felt this way for anyone. He is Gemini. I feel similar for Capricorns- but different. I read Gemini is a mismatch to Sagittarius.

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