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De-horn cattle

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Joined: 2009-08-07

Does anyone know when is the best days to dehorn cows can't find it here.
reply to kerry_112000@yahoo.com

Joined: 2009-08-07
Not a good idea

Dehorning for the most part is a stressful situation to an animal, even sedation methods can affect the animal adversely. How would you like it if someone pulled off your ears cause they thought you didn't need them.

Joined: 2010-09-10
Working Cattle

Dehorning while the blood is going down. From full moon to new moon.
Castration while the blood is going up.
From new moon to full moon.
Branding to keep clear and small, from full moon to new moon.

Joined: 2010-10-19
Dehorn Cattle

I am not sure which dates are the BEST for dehorning cattle. BUT, I can tell you the days to NOT do it. Always void the week before and after the Full Moon. NEVER when the Moon is in Leo or Scorpio as they will bleed to death! I was able to save my husband's life with this knowledge! Surgeon wanted to do quadruple bypass on his heart with Moon in Scorpio AND Full Moon. I said, "No way!" Got the surgeon to move the surgery 2 days after the Full Moon. My husband is doing just fine 5 years later. The 45 year old young man that took my husband's place on that Full Moon bled to death on the operating table! My website is: www.astrology-advice.com and elective surgery consultation this is one of my "specialties." This also work for animals, we are all animals. You cut us, we bled like all other animals. Blessings, Lana


I have some cows that horn every cow or calf that gets close enough to them.
and after very expensive vet bills, yes dehorn them and if that don't work then I'll try your sugestion. Pull their ears off. Apearntly you know nothing about cattle. So there is no need for you to comment.

Verna D
De-horn cattle

I dehorned a couple of calves last June during branding and they grew back as though I hadnt done anything. I am sure it was the wrong time of the moon. I have always used the rule of thumb; killing something is done durning the full moon phase and encouraging growth is done during the new moon phase. I looked back and the 14th of June 2014 was waning Gibbous. what does Gibbous mean?

Joined: 2009-08-10
Hi Verna,  Thanks for your

Hi Verna, 

Thanks for your question.

A gibbous Moon is more than half full, but not quite fully illuminated as you see it from Earth.

According to our experts, the best time to dehorn animals is when the Moon's sign is in the thighs (Sagittarius). You can see our Moon's sign calendar in the 2015 Almanac or we have a digital copy on our Web site here.

To reduce hemorrhaging, plan surgery within one week before of after the New Moon. Operate in the increase of the Moon if possible. You can see our Moon Phase calendar at www.Almanac.com/MoonPhase.

We appreciate your interest in The Old Farmer's Almanac and our web site.

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