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Lunar Hair Cutting

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Joined: 2012-02-28

Has anyone ever heard of Lunar Haircutting or the science behind it?

Lunar Haircutting

Yes - cutting hair on a new moon will encourage growth. To discourage growth cut hair on, or just after, a full moon. If cutting hair to increase volume, a new moon in Leo is most auspicious! The new or waxing moon in Gemini is good for hair cuts too.

Rose LaRouche
Lunar Hair Cutting

I have used the phases of the moon to plan activities since 1971. this makes daily routines run more smoothly. only get my hair cut when Moon is right for growth and thickness. my hair has improved greatly over the years. at 62, I have a full head of thick, healthy hair with very little grey.

Sapphire Lixx
Lunar Cut

I am looking into cutting my hair on the new moon as well. How do you plan such a thing? I want long thicker, fuller hair. My hair is already quite long but it breaks all the time. SOOOO Frustrating!!
How did you Rose LaRouche plan your trip to the hairdresser and know what time in the day to go?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!I would love to be as young as you and have beautiful hair!! :p

Thank you Kindly

Lunar Hair Cutting

My friend, a long time ago, told me she cut her hair when the moon was new for new hair growth and when the moon was full for thickness, her hair was down to her knees. I followed her advice. Now my hair is thick and to my knees also.

moon phases and hair cutting

You can also use this same time of the moon for cutting your lawn. Grows slower or faster

Joined: 2012-05-07
Never heard it before.

Never heard it before.

Yes! i have been doing this

Yes! i have been doing this for the last 13 years! I also use the moon phases for trimming my rose bushes, and pruning trees!Also for planting! I just LOVE the moon!

cutting your hair on virgo

I'm a virgo and my Birthday it's on 09/16 that day it's a new moon on virgo. I would love to cut my hair on that day for massive growth and thickness. my question is, can i cut my hair on the sign virgo? i know that people do cut their hair on a new moon, to increase growth and thickness but the signs that are good for growth and thickness are cancer, leo, capricorn, scorpion, taurus, pisces but it doesn't say virgo.. what should i do??

Cut on Leo, Perm on Virgo

"Guided by the Moon" by Paungger and Poppe (pages 210-212) advise Leo and Virgo days are hair cut days, Hair cut on Virgo days retains its form and beauty longer, and is best for permanent waves. Leo days make perms too frizzy! enjoy!

cutting hair

Hair cutting is best in cancer or scorpio sign. search farmers almanac for best days to cut for growth it will give dates in the current month.I hope this was helpful. Cancer or scorpio for thicker hair and growth.

Maya Stars
new moon in Virgo

trimming tonight!

Timmie LePrince
Hair Grows like Weeds!!

yes I have it is awesome!The New Moon is Just Rigth for Cutting hair to encouraging longer or thicker hair growth! You can even cut your hair on a wasting moon for slower hair growth

Timmie LePrince

hair cuttin

Can I cut my hair for lenght and fullness in sagittarius moon?

I want my hair longer !! ):

Tomorrow is a new moon, but it is also Sagittarius. Is it okay to cut my hair to make it grow? I'm starting to get split ends and I need a trim! I just want my hair really long!! Please help !!!!

when can i cut my hair in

when can i cut my hair in january of 2013 for really long and thick hair???


I'm cutting my hair right after midnight tonight for full hair new growth as it will be a new moon and New Year's Day. I'm also asking the love of my life to do it for me since there is great Magick for growth in all areas of life under a new moon.

almanac tester - tvd
moon hair cutting works!

30 years ago I read in the Farmers Almanac about cutting by the moon: hair, trees&shrubs, livestock etc.--basically "pruning". It came from astrology the mother of astronomy. To encourage growth "above the ground" you cut in a water or earth sign waxing (increasing) moon the closer to a full moon the better for thickness & growth. Virgo excluded, is a barren sign--the virgin--and is great however for retarding growth on a shorter hair cut. Water is the most fertile (growth), followed by earth (structure,roots of plants), then air. Waning moon retards the flow of water (tides) in the plants roots/stalks. FIRE signs (Aries,Leo,Sag) are used to destroy weeds and unwanted hair. I tested this by trimming my two daughters hair every 2 mos and after 1 year the one cut by the moon had grown almost to her waist and was twice as thick as her older sister's hair. Perms are best in Aquarius (the future)--I tested that too in the 80s on myself--no frizz. Libra air is good for treatments for beauty.
Raising cattle and cutting calves, it was important to cut in the waning moon to control bleeding. As an OR Tech I saw that waning moon work with bleeding in surgery--never have surgery in Scorpio! I change the date of my own surgery or dentistry if it's in Scorpio or Aries (rules the head, and Capricorn rules the teeth).
I also planted a garden this way, 2 plantings: one when I had a day off and one by the moon 2 wks later. The moon-planted half produced twice as much as the other half planted 2 wks earlier (same items, seed packets, soil, water, sun). My father-in-law, the county soil conservationist, gave me the almanac & said "Try it; it works". And so it does...

Is there any hope 4 me. Has

Is there any hope 4 me. Has there been any success miracle stories of people with hair that was beyond repairs. I would love 2 know. Where can I gt information on virgo, leo, aries,moon etc that promotes hair growth. Tnk u v much

Hi. I'm indian and in 2002 I

Hi. I'm indian and in 2002 I experimented with a cheap relaxer. Ever since my very thick hair has receeded and I'm practically balding. My hair is gone sooo weak that I hav bcum anti social. Its also stressed me out alot. Does the moon phases help 4 these conditions. I wud really love 2 know. Tnk u 4 ur kind friendliness. Hare Krsna. I'm also vegetarian 4 the past 20 years.

Joined: 2014-05-04
Lunar Hair Cutting

Hi Rachna,

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. Lunar Hair cutting does contribute in some ways with healthy hair growth. But this regimen is followed by people who want to maintain what they already have, it will do little for correcting hair loss! You could follow it however!

As you've mentioned you're a strict vegetarian for the past 20 years, the main reason for you to lose hair over the years is lack of protein in your diet and stress. Vegetarian/Vegan diets don't do much to reconstruct or rebuild dead hair follicles often seen in cases of hair loss. Using cheap hair relaxing programs at salons are most definitely contributors today for most people having hair loss.

Hair is made up of protein and ceramides (bonds) which are broken and then re-bonded in treatments. This process weakens hair considerably as it is chemically induced (formaldehyde) followed by high heat. Hair gets fried in the process, the sleek feel to hair post such treatments is only temporary, till new hair grows out, which is weak due to destroyed hair structure!

Nonetheless, do try the following:
I'm assuming that you're healthy otherwise, please get your hormones checked and see a good doctor -endocrinologist/dermatologist/trichologist.
- Start eating raw eggs beaten in pasteurized non-boiled milk (boiling kills essential nutrients in milk) on a daily basis. An egg is the only source of complete protein. See that you source the eggs from a good super market from a trusted brand (like Suguna). Eggs eaten boiled or cooked won't do much for you, hence eat them raw!
- Cut down on salt. Include salads with fresh fruits/raw green vegetables and fresh curd in your diet everyday. Eat bananas, apples, oranges, green beans, boiled chickpeas and red kidney beans (rajma), green moong every alternate day.
- After a good wholesome breakfast in the morning, have 1 nutritional supplement tablet called 'Follihair' everyday, till you see good results.
- Exercise, walk and breathe fresh air in the morning. Drink lots of water, cut down on junk food, oily snacks and sweets.
- Massage your scalp (3-4 times/week) with coconut oil + castor oil (1:1 ratio), with added 5-10 drops each of rosemary and lavender and 2-3 drops each of neroli and peppermint essential oils to this mixture, keep overnight. Wash your hair with a good shampoo the next morning. Keep your hair shoulder length long now till you gain results or achieve thickness.

I hope and pray that you find solace soon and a solution to your problem.

Good luck and God Bless!

Joined: 2013-12-05
hello everone wanna chat

hello everone
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Lunar calendar not work individually

Standard lunar calendar does not allow for individual circumstances. Try Palmagy App. It's not only haircuts, but also masks, spa, etc start diets

hair in moon phases

My hair is too thick is there a time it could be thinned?

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