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Potty Training

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Joined: 2009-08-07

Christy_Malcom Wrote:

my cousin is potty training her daughter and having one heck of a time. i used the almanac to start potty training mine and i know it should be in the sign of the feet but cant remember when that starts. any one know when the sign of the feet starts?

ANSWER: Pisces rules the feet and it rules from Feb 20th to March 20th.

Good Luck :)

Joined: 2011-01-24
Potty Training my Son

I am very new at being a mom and this is my first child. I have not the first clue as to how to start potty training my son. He just turned 2 in November. If anyone can help I would apprciate it.
My Son is a scorpio born in November 2008 at 8:30pm

Joined: 2011-02-02
Answer to potty training

The best times to try potty training are when the signs are in the feet. Those dates in February are 18, 22 & 23. In March those dates are 3/22 and 3/31. Hope this helps

Joined: 2011-02-07
potty training

My sons bday is June 10 2008. When is good for me to start training him. Its been hard with him and he shows no interest

Potty Training

My grandmother gave me the dates for potty training my daughter and we accomplished the task in 1 day! Now my daughter-in-law is trying to potty train her daughter and having a rough time. The granddaughter was born April 26, 2010 -- what are the dates in March that are best for potty training. Thanks so much for your help!

Joined: 2009-08-10
Potty Training

Hi, The dates for March are the 11th and 20th. Here's the "best days" timetable: http://www.almanac.com/bestdays/timetable

Potty training dates

I'm having a hard time potty training my son. He is a Virgo and his birth date is 8/28/09. What date is good for him and me:)

Joined: 2012-08-06
potty training

plz let me know what are sucessful days to start potty traing in months aug,sept,oct,nov and dec 2012.my son's astrodata 1 oct 2011 / 10.04 am / hoboken NJ (usa)

Joined: 2009-08-10
According to our Best Days

According to our Best Days Calendar in the OFA, here they are:

August - 4,8
September - 5, 10
October - 2, 7, 12
November - 8, 12
December - 6, 10

Hope this helps! Feel free to check out our Best Days Calendar here: http://www.almanac.com/bestdays/timetable

When will the signs be in the

When will the signs be in the feet this month or next?

tiffany sumpter
potty training

i have a daughter that will be 2 on august 18th she was born in 2012 and im having a hard time trying to potty train her what would be the best time to potty train her

Kelsey Allen
When is it best to potty train my son?

My son was born on July 9, 2011. What date this month is it best to potty train him?

Joined: 2009-08-10
See the best days timetable

See the best days timetable for dates and use the "weaning" dates for potty training: http://www.almanac.com/bestdays/timetable

Joined: 2013-04-15
Potty training

What is the best days in April to start potty training? I have a three year old boy and I'm having the hardest time getting him to potty he's the only one in his daycare class that's not potty trained

colleen jordan
potty trained

my niece turn 2 year old aug. 26. when is good time to train her.

celeste calcote
Potty training?

Whats the best time to start potty training my little one his birthday is 7/16/2012

Joined: 2009-08-10
Hi, Celeste, See our Best

Hi, Celeste, See our Best Days timetable (and use same dates as weaning): http://www.almanac.com/bestdays/timetable  Best, the OFA

Kendra Ballou
Potty training from the signs.

When should I potty train my daughter according to the signs? She is 18 months old and I'd like to get her potty trained by 2. She was born July 25 and she is a Leo. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

beth hall

when is the best time to potty training my granddaughter her b.day is 1-26-11. its been very difficult.

sharon swiger
potty training

3-18-15...What is the best day/days in March or April to start potty training. He will be 3 June 1. Thanks.

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