Sad love story with a few questions

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Ill try to be short.

I am a Gemini girl, sag moon, gem venus.
He'd a sag guy, pisces moon, scorpio venus.
Back in high school we got drawn to each other like magnets.
We were spending all of our time texting, talking, or around each other.
We told each other everything. He was still hung up on his ex girlfriend. I waited till he stopped feelings for her.
When the day finally came, he didn't tell me but instead I told his best guy friend who told me unknowingly.
That was the very first day we kissed. The best day of my life. Now that he was over her, he allowed us to develope a physical relationship never past 2nd base. it was intense and passionate. We were already 'one' mind and spirit. And given more time we might have went all the way.
I was waiting for him to ask me to be his girlfriend like he asked all the other girls to be his girlfriend, but that day never came. And he would ask them in such a short period of time but with me and him we spent the course of 8 months deepening our relationship....for nothing.

I've moved out of state, he moved to the same state only 4 hours away, got a girl pregnant. When he got her pregnant he called me and he told me all the bad things about her first, and flat out said they were supposed to be just fwb. But he decided to step up. Any other thing besides that wasn't an option in his mind.
We drifted apart, We don't talk anymore. Mostly on his account because when he decides to be in a relationship he fully committed no matter what.
I guess getting answers this way will be some sort of closure to me so
My question is why didn't ask me to be his girlfriend?
Do you think he might have loved me if only a little?
Or was i just a pathetic, obsessed gemini?
Is there any hope for me?
That's all.

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