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Sign Compatibility and children

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Joined: 2013-04-15

Hello all!

I have a question. I know quite a bit about the zodiac signs and I do believe they contribute to the compatibility of ALL relationships, be it romantic, or friendship. This is where my first question comes in...

I am recently married (October 2012)and like most married couples, my husband and I want children. I, however, believe that even your children's sign can effect how you get along with them and it is very important to me to make sure we ALL get along.

That being said, I am trying to figure out what signs get along best in a NON ROMANTIC way. I'm a Scorpio/Sag. and my husband is a full Aries. We get along very well, seeing as how we have been together for almost 6 1/2 years. Should our children be Aries/Sag's?? or is that too weird? I've heard Aquarius gets along with our signs as well, but I want a baby by next year and to have an Aquarius baby, I would have to NOW haha not ready yet.

So I guess the overall question is what signs get along with us best, so I know when to conceive. Thanks!

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