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Surgery - best date?

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Joined: 2011-07-12

My grandfather needs surgery on his knee. I am lost at how to read the almanac, but my Granny asked me to check to see the best date. Please help! His birthday is May 16, 1932.

Sarah Langdale
mastectomy surgery date

What are my best surgery dates within the next two weeks?

knee replacement surgery on Dec 4th

my birthday is 01/03/55 is it safe to have

Knee revision

I need to have a replacement revision in May or June 2013 I am only 55 can you give me some dates to choose from?

Joined: 2013-04-27
Heart surgery

Searching for HEART surgery date in 2013 for a scorpio sun/aries ascendent/libra moon individual DOB 11/11/44:
Moon cannot be passing thru' Leo; no Full Moon; Moon transiting Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius; no Mars retrograde; no Mercury retrograde; no Moon's void-of-course day; New Moon is best, or 5 days b/f or after Full Moon; no strong aspects to Mars, pos or neg; no Moon in scorpio or aries.


i am having knee surgery the 20th of nov. is that a good date. are the signs right

Joined: 2013-11-11
March 12, 2014

Having total knee replacement surgery. Is this a good date for me?

Best date in June for total knee replacement ?

Best date in June 2014 for total knee replacement?

stomach surgery best date

born: Miami
need abdominal surgery 1/2015

Best dates?

Oh how I wish I knew how to read the signs.

Thnks for your help

Larry Winfrey
tpta; hip replacement

have a surgery date 0f Feb 10. 2015, is this a good day?


What best time have knee surgery 2015 I born in oct 4 1958

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