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teeth removal

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Joined: 2011-12-24

I was planning on removing all four of my wisdom teeth in January and just wanted to know if that was a good month to do so?

Joined: 2011-12-28
teeth removal

I need to know the same thing as Terry. I'm having surgery in January to remove all of my teeth. When is a good day? Thanks!

Wisdom Teeth

I also need to know when would be a good time for me to get all of my wisdom teeth removed for the months of April and May.

Thanks ;)

Joined: 2009-08-10
Wisdom Teeth

Thanks for your question.
Please see our astrological timetable to find best days for dental work.

Joined: 2012-03-09
wisdom teeth

I'm having my wisdom teeth removed soon. What is the best day to do it? I don't know if you need it but my birthday is 9/28. If you don't know the best day, can you tll me rhe worst day?

Betty jo Blevins
wisdom teeth

What day in June 2014 is the best. To have 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled? Thank You.

Joined: 2014-08-07
wisdom tooth remove

I plan on having all 3 of my wisdom teeth removed on August 9th is that a good day

Tammy grisolia
wisdom teeth extraction

my son is scheduled to have all four wisdom teeth extracted Thursday August 21, 2014. is that a good day to have the procedure?

Felecia Baird
The Signs

I am desperate to learn how to determine the "signs" for every day life. My grandmother knew them all and I stupidly did not learn the meaning of them before she passed away. Can you suggest something I can purchase from your website that will teach me how to learn them? She used to always have a calendar from our local hardware store showing what the signs were in each day. However, I have no clue as to what you should/should not do on those days! ie: if the signs are in the feet is it okay to have dental work done? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Joined: 2014-11-04
Wisdom teeth

My daughter is suppose to have her wisdom teeth removed November 10,2014 if this a good day for this?

I need to know when is the

I need to know when is the best dates to quit drinking...I know there are dates to quit smoking but I need the dates to quit drinking, my Dad lived by this almanac....please reply!!

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where are the signs in the head ?the face ?

My husbands teeth are hurting

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