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Angle of the Sun

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Hello! I was wondering why the angle of the sun is different in Autumn than in Spring. The Azimuths are the same, but in Autumn the shadows are longer and the light seems different. Thank you for a WONDERFUL publication! I thoroughly enjoy your site and my monthly subscription to your online magazine!

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Greetings! Thanks for your

Greetings! Thanks for your kind words about our publication. In the summer, the Sun is high in the Sky and the rays hit the Earth at a steep angle. But as we move towards autumn, the Sun moves south. From our perspective in the northern hemisphere, the Sun will draw lower and lower in the sky at Noon. As a result, the Noon shadows will grow longer and longer. By the shortest day of the year and winter, the Noon shadows will be at their longest of the year. We hope that this answer helps!

Joined: 2009-08-06
Thank you!

Thanks for the information!

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