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Colors around Moon

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I remember reading in the almanac what it means when you seen blue or other colored auras around the moon, but I can't remember what it said. Can anyone bring me up to date with this info?

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regarding the color and nature.

You must be surprised to know that that the change in colors of the moon's aura is also a nature of change in astronomy.It is like an unexpected event being generated. You should not take it lightly.
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Can you explain me why moon

Can you explain me why moon color changes after a while..

~ Sil in Corea
Colors around the moon

Colors around the moon happen when there are very fine ice crystal clouds high in the air. They are called "moondogs" and are the refracted light which is bent, like in a prism, so you see certain colors at slightly different angles. You could also compare it to a rainbow. All these phenomena are basically the same. You can sometimes see spots of colored light beside the sun, and those are called "sundogs," because they "dog" or follow the sun.

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