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Lunar Weather Trends.

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Has any one got any findings/observations on certain 'trends' that appear to happen around certain Moon phases/times of year?

Take for example the Harvest Full Moon, always strong winds and rain and huge barometric pressure drops.

Any similar observations?

lunar activity

For close to 10 years, I have been keeping track of disastors that seem to repeat themselves. I can almost predict quakes, tornadoes, plane crashes etc. if you are interested

predict quakes, tornadoes, plane crashes etc.

I too am interested in the analysis of natural disasters of the earth.

on predictions....

I can hear earthquakes & can tell you when one will happen. not sure what direction but whatever happens...the length of the noise I hear tells me if it's going to be bad or really bad.

Joined: 2012-06-01
Yes Pat, I'd be very

Yes Pat, I'd be very interested to hear of your findings.

Thank you.

PK Chase

What's your view for 12-21 1012?

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The position of the moon on the celestial equator and distance from the earth. Japan the moon was coming in for a close pass the closest in years even looking in this solar system the interplanatary geology is the same moons with volcanic activity increasing with the gravitational forces applied the moon and earth or not any different

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As lunar 2012 year includes

As lunar 2012 year includes 13 months, then spring season of 2013 comes sooner

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