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the moon last night

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Joined: 2010-04-16

what was up with the moon last night?
it was sinking low in the west & it was a crescent shape like a U. i can usually tell if its waxing or waning( c shape if waxing & D shape if waning) but this time i had to look it up.

Joined: 2009-08-07
If The Crescent Moon ...

... Sets with the Sun and then on into the night thereafter, it is waxing.

You got to see a very new moon!! Only 2 days old ... usually I don't get to see it until 3 days (weather permitting). :)

This website has a couple of old sayings about that.

Joined: 2010-06-15
So what was the bright planet next to it?

The new moon last night was beautiful because the sun shone on just a little of it but you could see the entire moon as well, if you know what I mean. But what was the bright "star" next to it? It had to be a planet! I would love to see that kind of information on this website. Thanks!

Joined: 2009-08-07
It Was ...

... Venus!

(The other part of the moon that you could see is still called "the dark side")

And you're in luck!

This info can be found on this website at:



And it reads: "Look for the crescent Moon below Venus on the 14th ..."

There's a nice sky chart too.


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