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neck surgery

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I worked cattle, the sign works. What is the opposit sign of the neck? I would use the sign in the feet. My friends (birthday 2/28) has neck surgery today and I am not to happy about that. Because the sign is in the neck now. 6-21,22,23/2011 would be worth waiting for. I have put off surgery twice in the past for the sign to be right. Doctors looked at crazy but I told them it was because of personal reasons. I need to talk them out of doing this, right?


Joined: 2011-05-31
Sister needs back surgery asap need sign

Sister needs back surgery ASAP. In severe pain need to know when the signs will be i the feet for any day in June sooner is better...... Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Her birthday is Feb.10,1961

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What I know, I am not a pro.

I have learned this from buying the old farmers almanac from buying it for years and years.
In the almanac there is always a drawing of a man with a small picture’s of the sign's that ruled which part of the body. In this year’s 2011 old farmer’s almanac book, this man of the sings is on Page 229. Get a book and look for this page. It will have a drawing of a ram at the head and a fish by the feet. This tells you the part of the body that the sing rules.
Then look at the month and day on page 230. Study the pages it will tell you the sign the moon is in that day. The moon is usually in a sign 2-3 days then goes to the next one.
I also look at the full moon times.
The moon rules the ocean tides as well as the blood in our body!
I have read DO NOT cut any part of the body 5 days before the full moon. Because the blood is flowing the fastest at this time. This would mean lots of bleeding.
Also 3 days after the full moon.
It always takes a while to figure this out, but it all there in the old farmer’s almanac.
Good luck.
My husband’s had surgeries in his throat and nose rebuild. The dr said later there was not as much blood as he expected. My friend had hysterectomy and dr said there was hardly any blood. I have had 3 lump removed from head and my dr said same thing. We all healed quick and healthy.
I hope this helps every one.
And thank you to the old farmer’s almanac!
This info is getting harder and harder to find. You use to be able to get this info on calendars. Now the only place I can find it is this one book!!!! Or go online and buy a calendar, again if you can find one with all this info in one place. Thank you again Old Farmer's Almanac!

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