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Can anyone tell me when would be the best time to have knee replacement this year for a Aquarius.

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The only way to get an accurate answer to your question is to have
your natal chart done. Then you can compare that to the planetary
transits affecting your life today.
Hope this will help you.
May the blessings of God embrace you.
Danielle Jasmine

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Knee surgery

General rule: secedule surgery where the moon is not. For knee surgery--when the moon is not in the knees (Capricorn). The farther from the body part the better.

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Cataract Surgery

Before surgery I couldn’t see anything clearly without glasses. Cataract Surgery Even worse, all outdoor activities were a strain. Needless to say I couldn’t score many points playing basketball. At work I wasn’t able to use a computer for more than an hour before I started getting head aches. This not only affected my performance but also my attitude. Now that I’ve had the surgery I finally have a full field of vision during every waking hour. Being able to walk outside with no glasses or contacts and seeing everything is amazing. I highly recommend a surgery.

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knee replacement

give me your birth date, time of birth and place of birth, I can do your vedic chart (sedireal not western) and tell you your more auspicious times ..

Yogi Odhav
Cataract Surgery

Hi, Compliments of the season. Can you advise us?
My wife is going in for cataract surgery. We'd like o know the best dates for this. My wife was born on 19 December 1949, palce: doornfontein, jOHANNESBURG, South Africa,between 10 and 12 in the morning. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Knee surgery

what is the best time for a Pisces to have both knees replaced? I see the 26th as being a great date. anyone have suggestions?

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cataract surgery

My father wants to have his cataract surgery on either 10/19/10 or 10/21/10. are these acceptable days for this surgery?

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Knee Replacement

I am an Aries (March 23, 1943) Can anyone tell me the best time for a knee replacement? For the month of November, 2010.

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Aquarius and Zodiac is the

Aquarius and Zodiac is the part of the combination of astrology science. Astrology is the very great secret. I believe in little much, not a properly. Even, if you believe on it, then it isn't easy to say date and time because it's always related with our zodiac sign and Celestine bodies. It is the system to discover hidden knowledge by occult, also founded on the notions that related positions of our sign. Yours query is to know about knee replacement so first of all you have to explain about the information such a Zodiac sign or date of birth, time, place and your name. It would be the easy way to found the solutions of your problems.

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Cataract Surgery

My cataract removal experience was fantastic. I had no discomfort at any time. My vision improved from 20/90 to almost 20/20 within 48 hours after surgery. I had a mild sedative only. I remained awake and alert throughout the surgery. It was outpatient surgery. I was released about three hours after arriving at the Cataract Surgery center.

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husband's back surgery

when is the best time to have back surgery?
His birthday is Dec 4, 1945. He is hoping to have it done in the next two to three weeks. I wanted to check the almanac 1st.

Mary J Lucas
scheduling mastectomy due to cancer

When would be the best time to schedule my surgery. I am having a mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. I am a Leo and my birthday is Aug. 1. Don't really understand all of the that the moon phase control but I do know that following it does make a difference. Please respond asap. Thanks

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