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Where is the moon?

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Joined: 2010-01-17

How can I find where the moon is, was and will be at any time past, present and future?

Joined: 2009-08-07
Do You Mean ...

... the zodiac sign it is in?

Then use a chart -- found in the almanac -- and also available in the Store: http://www.almanac.com/product/2010-moons-sign-calendar

OR do you mean physically, like where it's going to rise, is it high in the sky or low ... ?

Joined: 2010-02-22
astrological mate

does anyone know which astrological sign is best suited for a mate with an acquarian. I married a Pieces 2/20/48. Just curious

Joined: 2009-08-07
Compatible with Aquarius

Since your Pisces mate is a cusp baby and carries Aquarius traits, also look at the Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility.

Copy and paste the following link for information that I think will help you with your answer:


Good Luck!

Nancy K
Moon rise & set

What did I miss? Why do the Moon and Sun rise and set so close together? No moon rise till nearly sunrise.

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